• Larry Taylor Intel Flash ~ May 24, 2022


    Raw Intel (worldwide) for May 24, 2022

    (1) Urgent Bulletin: The country of Hungary will declare a “Wartime Emergency” at midnight tonight (May 24, 2022) Prime Minister Orban warns the government will declare a “State of War” from midnight tonight, to protect Hungary & Hungarian families by all possible means (cryptic message) [Hal Turner Alert] ..

    (2) Update: Late this evening (May 24, 2022) Hal Turner received inside information on the situation with Hungary & it’s declaration, now reportedly in effect “State of War” – Will release on radio show tonight ! [Hal Turner News] …

    (3) John Moore, Liberty Man, releases information to Mike Adams, Health Ranger on impending invasion of the United States ? [Mike Adams, Brighteon] ….

    (4) North Korea just fired a ballistic missile toward the Sea of Japan, after recent warning {breaking} [Texas News Studio] ….

    (5) Multiple Russian & Chinese warplanes enter KADIZ (South Korean airspace) without any notice (includes 2 – T95 Russian bombers) [Texas News Studio] …

    (6) CIA just added 2 new stars to wall of honor of dead agents, just as Azovstal fell in Ukraine to the Russian Army, what happened ? [Hal Turner News] ….

    (7) China stockpiling food, prepare now for USA blackouts this summer (2022) as Biden LEFT demolishes US energy supply ? [Natural News, Mike Adams] ..

    (8) Bulletin: Wuhan Lab did gain of function research on “Monkey-Pox” same Bio-Lab in China that worked up COVID-19 ? [Hal Turner News] …

    (9) White House cleans up Biden rhetoric, after Biden claims to defend Taiwan, but White House removes information of defense of Taiwan ? [Breitbart News] ..

    (10) Ukraine Intelligence Chief details how Putin survived an assassination attempt & says coup is still on against Putin, this summer [Yahoo News] ..

    (11) Migrants tired of waiting on Biden drop of Title 42, surge through southern border, with 700+ apprehensions in 2 hours ? [Breitbart News Exclusive] …

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  • Larry Taylor Intel Flash ~ May 22, 2022


    Raw Intel (worldwide) for May 22, 2022

    (1) US Senator Mitt Romney tells NATO “Prepare for Russian Nuclear Weapons” in New York Times public release, Romney & Club just warned us ? [Hal Turner] ….

    (2) Joint Chief of Staff, Mike Mullen warns that Putin will use a nuclear weapon, another warning ? [Breitbart News] …

    (3) US drawing up plans to sink the Russian Black Sea Fleet, says Ukraine Official in Kyiv, destroy Russian blockade in Black Sea ? [Q-Alert News] ….

    (4) Bulletin: (May 22, 2022) Covert Intel {restricted} ~ Polish troops have now entered the Ukraine War. Report: 2 Battalions of Polish Army troops entered Ukraine covertly, commanded by a Lt. Col. — Each Battalion has Rapira anti-tank guns, APCs & American Armor for Carriers. Appears part of what $40 Billion Ukraine aid bill bought, NATO enters war against Russia ? Not a proxy war anymore ? [Hal Turner News Alert] …..

    (5) New Reports indicate British SAS commandos, US Special Operators & now Polish Army troops or mercenaries (hired) are now inside Ukraine, active in a WAR against Russian Army ? [Hal Turner Covert Intel Report] ….

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  • Larry Taylor Intel Flash ~ May 21, 2022


    Raw Intel (worldwide) for May 21, 2022

    (1) US credit card systems reported DOWN, across USA, Visa & Mastercard outages, terminals down — Developing….. [Hal Turner News Alert] …..

    (2) US relinquishing it’s powers to WHO, as Biden-backed WHO Treaty Amendment would yield US power to United Nations [Breitbart News] ….

    (3) Breaking Report {video} Russian conditions for the US General release, captured in Ukraine (blacklisted information) [Israeli News Live] …..

    (4) Lithuania (Baltic State) to be cut off from Russian oil, gas, electricity this Sunday {breaking} [Hal Turner News] ….

    (5) Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has issued “National Mobilization Order” ordering all China to a war-time economy ? [Hal Turner News] ….

    (6) First electricity, now natural gas, shut down of Russian energy supply to Finland, halt of all supply to Finland [Hal Turner News] ….

    (7) Eyes on Israel, Israeli Forces readying for massive war, pre-emptive strike on Iran’s Nuclear Facility (multiple sources) {alert} [Texas News Studio] ….

    (8) Russia deploys new military laser system weapons into the Ukraine war, can blind satellites 900 miles above Earth [Yahoo News] ….

    (9) Senate passes $40 Billion aid to Ukraine during 40-year high inflation, with no Inspector General Oversight ? [Breitbart News] ….

    (10) Texas Military soldiers preparing to deploy razor wire in Eagle Pass, Texas to stop massive illegal immigration influx {alert} [Texas news Studio] ….

    (11) Biden hide out bunker, Raven Rock Mountain Complex, Biden’s bunker in case of nuclear threat ? [Texas News Studio] ….

    (12) Bulletin: Military RC-135S Cobra Ball, moving north into Sea of Japan between North Korea & Japan, as reports of possible ballistic missile launch from North Korea soon ? [Texas News Studio Alert] …..

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  • Larry Taylor Intel Flash ~ May 17, 2022


    Raw Intel (worldwide) for May 17, 2022

    (1) NATO, Ukraine troops launch war games, as Putin threatens Europe’s border region [Texas News Studio] ….

    (2) Russian State Duma consider Poland be next in line for “denazisfication” after Ukraine [Hal Turner News] …

    (3) Hundreds of Ukraine soldiers now have been evacuated from Mariupol, with others in Russian custody [DEBKAfile Israel] …

    (4) Putin announces response to NATO, moves nuclear capable missiles to the border of Finland [Q-Alert News] ….

    (5) Russia forced to deploy nuclear weapons on Europe’s borders, as Ukraine push against invaders continues [Koenig International News] ….

    (6) Ukraine shuts down all Russian natural gas flow to Europe through Ukraine stations [Hal Turner News] ….

    (7) NATO’s nuclear weapons now surround Russia, as many as 100 NATO country nukes in Europe now surround Russia ? [Texas News Studio] …

    (8) Bulletin: Peter Navarro warns source told him known terrorists inside USA, walking country, as Biden keeps borders open ? [GETTR/War Room] ….

    (9) Ukraine’s Azov Brigade (Nazis) group, agree to surrender to Russian forces at Mariupol Ukraine [Hal Turner News] …..

    (10) Ukraine Government now confirms the surrender of Azov (Nazis) fighters in Mariupol to Russian forces [Hal Turner News] ….

    (11) Russian Computer Hacker Group (unconfirmed) named “Killnet” announces coming Global Internet Attack on US/Allied Countries [Hal Turner News] ….

    (12) Reports, US Admiral surrenders to Russian forces in Mariupol Ukraine, near Azov Steel Mill Plant ? [Hal Turner News] …..

    (13) Bulletin Israel: Iranian cruise missile flown to Hezballah forces by Iran. Could carry a nuclear warhead & 3,000 km range, unknown purpose, with rumors of coming sea blockade against Israel ? [DEBKAfile Israel] ….

    (14) For first time, Russia fires advanced anti-aircraft missiles targeting Israeli warplanes inside Syria, departure from policy ? [World Israel News] ….

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  • Larry Taylor Intel Flash ~ May 8, 2022


    Raw Intel (worldwide) for May 8, 2022

    (1) Gog-Magog to possibly send “Doomsday” warning to the Western Powers on Monday (May 9, 2022) Russian WW2 Victory Day Parade & Celebration, with possible warning to NATO’s push at Russia ? [SkyWatchTV] ……

    (2) US directly involved in Ukraine conflict, as now reported by Moscow. Russian State Duma-Volodin says “United States is taking part in the hostilities in Ukraine war with Russia & Biden Administration [Hal Turner News] ….

    (3) US intel assisted Ukraine in sinking of Moskva, Russian Flagship & Officials claim it is a “bombshell” escalation in WAR ? [Zero hedge News] ….

    (4) Second Russian Flagship Makarov, reported hit by Ukraine Neptune Missiles fired by Ukraine forces {breaking} [Yahoo News Breaking] …..

    (5) You (Americans) have been warned — Area of concern, US Intel runs over Black Sea, more US C-17 cargo planes enroute to Europe [Monkey Werx] …

    (6) Russian military forces abandon their Syrian Bases, ready, immediate redeployment to Ukraine War [DEBKAfile Israel] …..

    (7) BULLETIN: Reports that Israel prepares for a major military offensive, amid continued terror attacks ? [Israeli News Live] ….

    (8) Britain adds more nuclear warheads to it’s Trident Submarine arsenal as Russia test-fires Satan-2 ballistic missile [Hal Turner News] ….

    (9) UK, Boris Johnson says “military aid to Ukraine is no longer enough to defend from Russia” kicks NATO green-light for troop involvement by NATO intervention in Ukraine ? [Hal Turner News] ….

    (10) US begins deployment of A-10 warplanes to Norway & North Macedonia on May 7, 2022 [Hal Turner News] ….

    (11) {unconfirmed} (social media report only) Russia is sending Russian General National Mobilization orders out today (May 9, 2022) [Hal Turner Alert] ….

    (12) South Carolina Republican Lindsey Graham now warns “There is no off ramp for this war with Russia, no way for negotiations ? [Hal Turner News Alert] …..

    (13) Hal Turner Comment (May 8, 2022) Be very watchful the next 24 hours, as things between US/NATO & Russia are very tense right now ? [Hal Turner] …..

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  • Larry Taylor Intel Flash ~ May 5, 2022


    Raw Intel (worldwide) for May 5, 2022

    (1) Exclusive: Darrell Issa blasts Biden for leaving HOLES in US border wall, now costing US Border Patrol more on top of everything else,as DHS preps for Title 42 END, with the Migrant Centers on the border [Breitbart News] ….

    (2) According to close source to Ukraine President Zelensky, talks were about to proceed between Zelensky & Putin, until sudden UK PM Boris Johnson meeting event in Kyiv. Russia knows once it defeats the Ukraine Army, it will then face NATO directly, as the WEST can not stop their movements against Russia. WAR is coming [Hal Turner News] ….

    (3) On May 9th, Russia may upgrade Ukraine invasion to an all-out WAR ? Possibly (Ezekiel 38:2) Israel 365 News. Rumors Putin plans official Declaration of War with Ukraine on May 9, 2022, as Russia begins to annex the Kherson Region of Ukraine ? [Deyo News Alert] ….

    (4) BREAKING: Agenda 2030 now accelerated by Klaus Schwab & United Nations Secretary General in new PACT & AGREEMENT. So the Agenda is in play now 2022, it comes quickly now ! [Texas News Studio] ….

    (5) Putin practices nuclear missile launches, strikes, including chemical attacks, with chilling WAR Games on NATO’s border ? [Texas News Studio] ….

    (6) Hamas delegation reported to arrive in Moscow, meetings with Russian Senior Officials in private talks ? [Koenig International News] ….

    (7) Stock Market (May 5, 2022) down 1,000+ points, still dropping, with panic-like selling sheds gains ? [Hal Turner News] …..

    (8) Russian Military rehearsal of nuclear attacks from launches (Kaliningrad) against European/NATO targets [Hal Turner News Alert] …..

    (9) Former Ukraine SBU Force Official threatens Russia with possible beginning bombing by Ukraine of Moscow Russia ? [Hal Turner News] …..

    (10) Supreme Court is fenced off, Justices go into hiding, as Left-Wing Groups call for nationwide protests, targeting Justices & Homes [Q-Alert News] …..

    (11) United Nations announces Klaus Schwab of World Economic Forum & UN Secretary General sign agreement to accelerate Agenda 2030 now, now the games begin, WAR ? [Q-Alert News] ….

    (12) Russia accuses Israel of support for “Neo-Nazis” Regime in Ukraine & supporting fight against Russia [Koenig International News] ….

    (13) Tulsi Gabbard warns “Biden is just a FRONTMAN for Barack Obama Dictatorship in USA, as DEMS former Congresswoman slams Biden’s front-man position & the closet Obama Regime (Neon Nettle) [Q-Alert News] ….

    (14) Concerns as massive Chinese Carrier Group of warships move toward Japan & US Naval Base in Japan ? [Texas News Studio] ….

    (15) Chinese airlift cargo identified as Chinese Anti-Air missile systems to Serbia, now out in open display in heart of Europe [IJR News] ….

    (16) BREAKING: Ukraine has been receiving Mossad Intelligence on Battle Plans of the Russian Army, as Kyiv now confirms ? [Hal Turner News Alert] ….

    (17) BREAKING: America, get ready now (before summer) for ENERGY price spikes & much higher electric bills !!! {alert} [Texas News Studio] ….

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  • Larry Taylor Intel Flash ~ May 1, 2022


    Raw Intel (worldwide) for May 1, 2022

    (1) Pelosi visits Zelensky in Kyiv Ukraine, declares “Do not be bullied, by bully” and “US stands with Ukraine, until the end, in war with Russia” [Yahoo News] ..

    (2) The Democrat Gestapo, Stasi, KGB, straight out of Ayn Rand’s book “Atlas Shrugged” where government annuls the rights of the American citizens & freedom is constantly eroded ? [Geller Report News] …

    (3) Biden & Zelensky have taken the Ukraine border war to nuclear war level. Putin is ready for nuclear war & Biden keeps pushing ? [War Room News] …

    (4) Ukraine is not a NATO member & Russia already knows it has to fight America, Russia has made itself ready for this war [War Room News] …

    (5) Russia’s Sergei Lavrov warns of “REAL” danger now of World War III, as Biden & Zelensky only pretend peace movements ? [Deyo News] …..

    (6) Russian TV showing images/data turning England into a radioactive wasteland, using nuclear torpedo device [Texas News Studio] …..

    (7) Poland & NATO sneaking troops around, now forbid photos, video posting of troops movements. Reports (unconfirmed) that Poland is about to send armed troops into Western Ukraine ? [Hal Turner News Alert] …..

    (8) Pelosi takes sudden trip to Ukraine (US Speaker of House) meets with Zelensky, gives advice & warnings rhetoric in Ukraine [Hal Turner News] ..

    (9) Israel urges all Israeli citizens in Transnistria (Moldovia territory) to leave immediately, as military danger situation arising ? [Hal Turner News] ….

    (10) NATO fighter jets scrambled multiple times, over past 4 days, track & intercept Russian fighter jets over Baltic & Black Sea [Texas News Studio] ….

    (11) Confirmed Report, as US & Allies preparing for Russian use of nuclear weapons (confirmed information) Europe [Hal Turner News Alert] …..

    (12) Kim Jong-Un warns North Korea now fully prepared for a nuclear war, statement came a new North Korean Military Parade [Breitbart News] ….

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  • Larry Taylor Intel Flash ~ April 26, 2022


    Raw Intel (worldwide) for April 26, 2022

    (1) Israel Cyber Directorate issues annual warning, ahead of Iran’s “Jerusalem Day” reports of possible cyber attack against Israel [Koenig News] ….

    (2) Russia filmed loading nuclear capable missiles onto submarines (Kalibe-2) now heading to Ukraine ? [Texas News Studio] ….

    (3) Russia warns nuclear world war 3 risks now reach considerable level, with NATO supply of weapons to Ukraine, proxy war [Hal Turner News] ….

    (4) DARPA fast-tracks Black Project weapons to Ukraine War, like the Phoenix Ghost drone system, to fight Russia [Hal Turner News] ….

    (5) {restricted} (subscribers only) American battlefield communications fall into hands Russian Army hands, within Ukraine {encrypted} [Hal Turner Alert] ….

    (6) Steve Bannon warns the American people, under the Biden Regime things are going to get much worse, better is a long time off ? [War Room News] ….

    (7) There is a role of Nazi involvement in the Ukraine War, against Russian forces, revealed in Torah Codes ? [Barry Roffman, Torah Code Research] ….

    (8) Chinese military movements are an unprecedented threat to Taiwan & region vs America rhetoric of Biden Group ? [Hal Turner News] ….

    (9) Buckle up America, things are about to get very bumpy in this country, prepare now ! [Monkey Werx US] ……

    (10) Israel appears to be in the process of ditching the US Dollar, now turns toward use of Chinese Yuan ? [Israeli News Live] …..

    (11) NATO & Russian military presence in the Mediterranean Sea, not seen since Cold War levels ? [Texas News Studio] ……

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  • Larry Taylor Intel Flash ~ April 17, 2022


    Raw Intel (worldwide) for April 17, 2022

    (1) Opinion (Harold Turner) America is now broken beyond repair & only force of arms can stop it’s total destruction ? — In America, States are literally at WAR with each other, it’s not Politics, it’s a Civil War ? [Hal Turner News] ….

    (2) Bulletin: Azovstal Steel Plant, Mariupol being bombed by Russia. Russia to use the TU-22M3 Backfire Bombers to hit Azovstal Plant in Mariupol, without pause, blast to dust ? [Hal Turner News] …

    (3) Azov Nazis, along with NATO/US forces are now being bombed heavy in Mariupol by Russian Forces [Project Gray Man] ….

    (4) US grain shipments stopped last week, now fertilizer shipments stopped, when needed most in US, Spring Planting Time [Project Gray Man] …

    (5) Covert Intel (subscribers only) {restricted} (April 17, 2022) Bulletin, Russia – Ukraine situation escalates in last 48 hours ! [Hal Turner News] ….

    (6) Prior possible threat to NYC for (April 18, 2022) is posted Sunday (April 17) by Marshall Masters & Forbidden Knowledge TV sources ? [Marshall Masters] ….

    (7) Augusto Perez posts letter to Intercessors & Prayer Warriors (April 17, 2022) critical days & events coming together ! [The Appearance Ministry] …..

    (8) Steve Fletcher {video} posts (April 17, 2022) titled: “Eyes Open, Coming Days” be alert [Steve Fletcher, Mexico] …..

    (9) X-class Solar Flare Erupts from Sun (April 17, 2022) plus 5 M-class Solar Flares, with possible Earth-directed component ? [Space Weather news] ….

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  • Larry Taylor Intel Flash ~ April 16, 2022


    Raw Intel (worldwide) for April 16, 2022

    (1) Russia announces full control over Mariupol, shoot down of cargo plane carrying NATO weapons for Ukraine [Hal Turner News] ….

    (2) 1,464 Ukraine troops surrender to Russian Army in Mariupol, as Russia wipes out complete city of Mariupol, all gone [Hal Turner News] ….

    (3) Some sources claim Russian forces shot down NATO military cargo plane, carrying NATO supplies to Ukraine ? [Hal Turner News] …

    (4) Russia puts Ukraine, Turkey & Poland on notice, for shipping weapons into the Ukraine war, not safe anymore ? [Hal Turner News] …

    (5) {video} Since sinking of Russian warship Moskva, Russia now using much larger bombs in Ukraine war [Hal Turner News] ….

    (6) Get Ready Now, severe shortages, worse economy & war coming for USA. SitRep (April 15, 2022) Strange activity over Florida ? [Monkey Werx US] …

    (7) Nationwide USA cyber attack is coming {threat} warnings from US Cyber Security & Infrastructure Group {warning} [Deyo News Alert] …..

    (8) Calls within Russia now, for an official “Declaration of War” against Ukraine, after Russian warship Moskva hit by 2 anti-ship missiles ? [Hal Turner News] …

    (9) {video} proof, NATO shipping Mig-29s into Ukraine dis-assembled, by trucks, under cover of camo tarps ? [Hal Turner News] …

    (10) China makes secret air delivery of missile systems to Serbia (Russia Ally) in the fragile Baltic States of Europe [Strange Sounds Organization] ….

    (11) US Military thwarts major attack on US soil, with Biden Administration silent & US mainstream media complete story blackout ? [Florida Maquis News] ….

    (12) Is China moving troops, tanks, armor into Europe by railway & air traffic, reports indicate so ? [Israeli News Live] ….

    (13) Russian missiles hit Kyiv Ukraine missile factory (outside Kyiv) in Russian attack with Kalibr long-range missiles [Yahoo News] ….

    (14) Doomed Russian warship Moskva destroyed/sunk after Ukraine anti-ship missile strike, reported 510 crewmen dead ? [Daily Mail UK News] …..

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