• Larry Taylor Intel Flash Alert ~ July 16, 2022


    Raw Intel (worldwide) for July 16, 2022

    (1) Former DOJ Officials say the January 6 Committee has made the case to now prosecute Donald J. Trump, says evidence is now overwhelming. Adds Trump needs to be charged for his actions after 2020 Election. Says America’s future is at stake ? [Yahoo News] …..

    (2) US Railroad strike begins July 18 (Monday) as Union for Railroads voted to authorize strike which could halt all train movement across America & cause supply lines to fail ? [Hal Turner News] ….

    (3) Who ordered power blackouts in South Texas on Thursday, as ERCOT says not them. Confusion continues as who ordered electric outages to happen in South Texas Event ? [Q-Alert News] ….

    (4) Covert Intel — NATO Plan/Ukraine Russia War. NATO new plan for end of July or first week of August (to begin before August 10) send back 10,000 Ukraine troops training in UK, embedded with NATO troops & armor in sudden attack against Russian forces ? [Hal Turner News] ….

    (5) Russian State TV warns if Ukraine arming continues, then the war will move to Poland (NATO member) [Q-Alert News] ……

    (6) Chinese economy on the brink, as protestors storm China’s Banks for their money, cash ? [Breitbart News] ….

    (7) President of Serbia (Vucic) warns “all hell is about to break loose in Ukraine War” World War 3 is already happening, as West (NATO) is already fighting Russia via it’s proxy (Kyiv) & will go global ? [Hal Turner News] ….

    (8) Russian convoy of military equipment (100+) seen moving through Mariupol Ukraine towards Zaporizhzhia [Yahoo News] ….

    (9) Ukrainian Intelligence Force reporting US HIMARS weapons systems about to target Russian Crimea ? [Yahoo News] …..

    (10) City of Dnipro Ukraine (used by Ukraine Army to attack Dontesk) hit by 6 Russian missiles, many dead, more injured [Hal Turner News] ….

    (11) World braces for Europe’s July 22 “DOOMSDAY” as Russian Nordstream 1 pipeline may stay shut down by Russians ? [Zero Hedge News] ….

    (12) January 6th Defense Attorney says “fear” of Trump 2024 RUN is driving January 6 Committee for potential Criminal Indictment of former President Donald Trump [The Epoch Times] ….

    (13) Bulletin: Russian Ministry of Defense warns “Russia is on the verge of an immediate armed conflict wit the United States” [Hal Turner News] …

    (14) In The Litter Box (GETTR) “It gets hot in the summer & cold in the winter, or as the LEFT calls it A CLIMATE EMERGENCY” [@catturd2] ……

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  • Larry Taylor Intel Flash Alert ~ July 11, 2022


    Raw Intel (worldwide) for July 11, 2022

    (1) Covert Intel – This Friday (July 15, 2022) Russian State Duma & the Russian Federation Council meets for an ‘extraordinary’ meeting with Putin. Rumor, a Declaration of War may be on the agenda ? [Hal Turner News] ….

    (2) Amid Ukraine war, Russian Parliament to hold extraordinary session in Moscow on July 15, 2022 [Yahoo News Breaking] ….

    (3) Red Dawn Scenario with Russia, China, prep stage military troops at US southern border (Restricted Republic) [Q-Alert News] ….

    (4) US Special Operations Command biggest exercise ever in Europe, sends strategic message to Putin, Russia [Yahoo News] ….

    (5) Bulletin: New York City begins preparing {urgent} population for a nuclear attack & possible nuclear evacuation {video} NYC Emergency Management Group PSA, released July 11, 2022 [Hal Turner News] …

    (6) New York City preparing for nuclear attack evacuation route plans on July 11, 2022 & rumor of nuclear device ? [Israeli News Live] ….

    (7) Russian fighter jets training with Russian A-50 Radar Tracker aircraft over Belarus on July 11, 2022 [Yahoo News] ….

    (8) New York City release of PSA (nuclear attack) on July 11, 2022 by NYC Emergency Management, after Russian threat [Q-Alert News] ….

    (9) Russian State Duma Chairman Volodin announces emergency session, calling back Russian Lawmakers from Summer vacations to what has been termed “extraordinary” mysterious Friday meeting [Yahoo News] …..

    (10) Joe Biden visit to Israel, set to cause traffic chaos in Central Israel, with called up 16,000 Israeli cops deployed for Biden’s Wednesday arrival at the Ben Gurion Airport, Israel [Koenig International News] …..

    (11) Steve Bannon initiates talks with January 6 Committee Panel on testimony, after Donald Trump sends waiver letter to Bannon [Yahoo News] ….

    (12) GOP bails out Joe Biden Government (Gun Control) as Biden celebrates the Republican “cave” on his requested bill, Biden adds “We’ve finally moved that GOP mountain ? [Breitbart News] ….

    (13) Urgent: The White House is Collapsing, people now jumping ship. Watch for a Democratic “threat” EVENT between now & November [Dave Hodges] ….

    (14) Marjorie Taylor Greene: The American people do not want a war with Russia, but Biden, NATO & other corrupt leaders are dragging us there anyway, and seems unstoppable ? [Strange Sounds News] ….

    (15) Special Report, Joe Biden sold nearly 1 million barrels (oil) from the US Strategic Petroleum Emergency Reserve to the Chinese Communist Party (China) & linked- Hunter Biden Firm [Breitbart News] ……

    (16) Japan’s former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe assassinated in Japan, was special friend of Israel, USA & Donald Trump ? [Breitbart News] ……

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  • Larry Taylor Intel Flash Alert ~ July 4, 2022


    Raw Intel (worldwide) for July 4, 2022

    (1) CERN resumes operations at 13.6 TEV, after 3 years of being inactive. LHC Run 3 – Now at record energy levels ? [Texas News Studio] ….

    (2) Russian Defense Minister reports Donbas Republic of Luhansk now fully under Russian control & remember US Media said Ukraine was winning the war in all areas ? Really ! [Paul Craig Roberts] …

    (3) Russian threat that Lithuania will cease to exist if blockade of Kaliningrad continues, Red Alerts across Europe [Hal Turner News] ….

    (4) Biden’s Foreign Policy “Leading From Behind” just the same again of Obama’s policies that failed ? [War Room] ….

    (5) Food & Supplies rationing already begins in Europe, as entire globe plunges into an economic nightmare ? [Texas News Studio] ….

    (6) Israel bombs ‘game changing’ Iranian Air Defense System Network in Syria, near Lebanon border [World Israel News] ….

    (7) Belgium police officials raid Kleine-Brogel Air Base (NATO) where US nuclear weapons are stored in Europe. Several under arrest for drug shipments, with 2 unidentified persons released as had DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY ? [Hal Turner] ..

    (8) 2 – Tocka-2 ballistic missiles fired by Ukraine Army from Ukraine strike area of Belgorod Russia [Hal Turner News] ….

    (9) Covert Intel (unconfirmed) Russian President signs order for the continued bombing & attacks upon Kyiv Ukraine [Hal Turner News] ….

    (10) Luhansk liberated by Russian Army, as Russian forces rout Ukraine Army from the Luhansk People’s Republic {breaking} [Hal Turner News] ….

    (11) Belarus President Lucashenko reports Ukraine fired missiles at Belarus. Reports indicate Belarus shot the missiles down [Hal Turner News] ….

    (12) Trump’s Social Media Company subpoenaed by a Federal Grand Jury searching for crime against Trump ? [The Epoch Times] ….

    (13) Israel shot down 3 Hezballah drones, moving into Israeli Mediterranean Economic Zone with oil platforms [DEBKAfile News Israel] ….

    (14) Part of Ukraine Army (3000+) now surrounded by the Russian Army in the Donbas region [Hal Turner News] ….

    (15) January 6th Committee completely ignores security failure at the Capitol, in their special attempt to destroy TRUMP !!! [War Room News] ….

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  • Larry Taylor Intel Flash Alert ~ June 26, 2022


    Raw Intel (worldwide) for June 26, 2022

    (1) Special Report: Russian Army forces conquer Severodonetsk in Eastern Ukraine, next stop Lysychansk [Hal Turner News] ….

    (2) Putin says Russia will provide modern missile systems to Belarus, capable of carrying nuclear warhead ? [Hal Turner News] ….

    (3) Updated: Putin (video) rushed urgently to the Kremlin, 11pm Moscow time, in fast moving motorcade ? [Hal Turner News Alert] ….

    (4) Updated: Intel circuits reporting something has happened (serious matter) & Presidential decision needed at Kremlin ? [Hal Turner News Alert] ….

    (5) Update: Ukraine Army reporting missiles have been fired from Belarus, into Ukraine Chernigiv border region [Hal Turner News Alert] ….

    (6) Russia attacked the Ukraine Capital early Sunday, bombing buildings inside Kyiv. Also reports of 14 Russian missiles fired at Ukraine Capital, possibly only a symbolic attack ? [Yahoo News Breaking] ….

    (7) Russia threatens Poland, as Putin claims 80 Polish fighters captured in Ukraine killed in Eastern Ukraine, as tensions mount over Kalininghrad & NATO blockade [Q-Alert News] ….

    (8) From Jerusalem: “The Dominos Are Lined Up” (by Jerry Golden) {Ezek 38} Russia sees what the believe is the demise of the USA & now is the time to remove Israel ? Thousands of Russian troops training with Syrian troops on Israel’s northern border region at this present time [The Golden Report] ..

    (9) HRR Alert: Demolition of US supply chains is “pre-Civil War” sabotage to shape the battlefield for domestic warfare against “We The People” special report by Mike Adams [HRR Report, Natural News] ……

    (10) Supreme Court overturns Roe-vs-Wade, no Federal Constitutional right to abortion, as wide-spread protests begin in USA [Hal Turner News] ….

    (11) City of Washington DC — ALERT — deploys pallets of bricks in front of Republican National Committee HQ (images on Turner) just blocks from the Supreme Court building !!! [Hal Turner News Alert] ….

    (12) ALERT: DHS warning of ‘weeks’ of violent attacks, protests, rioting, over SCOTUS abortion decision ? [American Military News] ….

    (13) “Force Majeure” declared in America (multiple energy sources) all oil for diesel engines will be gone in 8 weeks, no diesel oil, no trucking, no supply, full complete stop !!! [Hal Turner News Alert] …..

    (14) Biden brain freeze, White House note card in Big Joey’s hands, “you enter room, you take your seat” —- as Leader of the free world NOTE CARD goes viral on Social Media [Breitbart News] …..

    (15) Joe Biden falls off his bicycle in Delaware, White House down-plays incident for Leader of the Western Powers ? [The Epoch Times News] ….

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  • Larry Taylor Intel Flash Alert ~ June 21, 2022


    Raw Intel (worldwide) for June 21, 2022

    (1) Texas GOP new platform is now “Biden is not legally elected as President of the United States [War Room Ticker] ….

    (2) Israel dissolves it’s Government (Bennett Government) sets sights on a 5th Israeli Election [War Room Ticker] ….

    (3) The Biden Administration & Regime situation in America (2022) is dire, the Rule of Law is now DEAD, in United States [War Room – Liz Yore] …..

    (4) Bulletin: Texas Republicans push for a referendum to decide on State of Texas secession from the United States [Strange Sounds Org] …..

    (5) Purpose of the January 6th Committee is to knee-cap prospects of TRUMP & his ALLIES, as the 2024 Elections approach [War Room] ……

    (6) Democrat Hatchet Man Norm Eisen’s fingerprints are all over a DARK new element of the January 6th Witch Hunt [Revolver News] …..

    (7) Fed Chair Powell: Rapid changes are taking place in the Global Monetary System that may affect the International Role of the Dollar [Hal Turner News] …

    (8) Iran cyber-hacks Israel’s missile alert system, sets off rocket-warn sirens in Jerusalem & Eilat [Israel 365 News] ….

    (9) Massive military show of force, as China sends 29 warplanes into Taiwan Air Defense ID Zone [Hal Turner News] ….

    (10) Ukraine attacks Russian Drilling Platforms (oil & gas) in the Black Sea, off Crimea, strikes platforms with Harpoon Missiles [Hal Turner News] ….

    (11) Intel circuits reporting (buzzing) Russia will retaliate & strike Ukraine “Decision Making Centers [Hal Turner News] ….

    (12) Ukraine sinks Russian Rescue Tug off coast, strikes ship with US Harpoon Missiles [Hal Turner News] ….

    (13) Lithuania may have lit the fuse on World War 3, as NATO-mamber blocks Russian supply train passage to Kaliningrad & Russian Navy Baltic Sea Base, denying supplies to 1 million Russians [Q-Alert News] …..

    (14) Intelligence Update: Lithuania sanctions Russian Railroads, blocks Russia off from supplies to Russian Kaliningrad [Hal Turner News] ….

    (15) Covert Intel Update: The decision has been made by Russia, from direct active source inside Russia “Russian Military will rescue Kaliningrad from NATO” with {restricted} Hal Turner Covert Intel (subscribers only) massive military movements inside Russia, forces moving west {alert} [Hal Turner Alert] …..

    (16) Covert Intel Update: re: Lithuania threat to Russia & Kaliningrad — Troops & military equipment from Belarus, already on the move toward Lithuania, with Russia troops & tanks, artillery moving west [Hal Turner Alert] …..

    (17) Covert Intel Bulletin {restricted} Source in Germany says top German military & senior Political German staff preparing for an attack in broad swath of NATO borders — it’s coming !!! [Hal Turner Alert] ……

    (18) Biden falls off his bicycle in Delaware, White House responds, plays down incident, says “He’s fine” that is all …. [The Epoch Times] ….

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  • Larry Taylor Intel Flash Alert ~ June 18, 2022


    Raw Intel (worldwide) for June 18, 2022

    (1) Special ALERT Notice — Go to Hal Turner Website, top of the website page {Alert Condition Yellow} listen closely to the available {video} there from inside Kharkiv Ukraine & intelligence {warning} shared by Gonzalo Lira ……

    “Dire Warning to all Americans, from Gonzalo Lira in Kharkiv, {warning} Biden Administration escalating Ukraine situation to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX !!!

    Urgent Information !

    Hal Turner Covert Intel Website



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  • Larry Taylor Intel Flash Alert ~ June 8, 2022


    Raw Intel (worldwide) for June 8, 2022

    (1) Hal Turner Special Alert {restricted} Covert Intel: Tactical Nuclear Weapons Shipment {restricted} (unconfirmed by Government) Sources deep inside US Military “RUMOR” certain members “by accident” shipped 2 Battlefield tactical nuclear weapons to Ukraine, in shipment of ammo shells for howitzers ? {alert} (unconfirmed by Government) [Hal Turner Special Alert Report] ……

    (2) Hal Turner Special Alert {restricted} Covert Intel: Central American Nation receives deployment of Russian Troops & Planes (covert intelligence) Intel Circuits in US “hot” with news of sudden arrival of Russians in Central America. Information {intel} Russian transport planes, fighter jets & heavy long-range bombers deploy to Nicaragua {restricted} [Hal Turner Special Alert Report] …

    (3) Natural News Red Alert: In special interview, J.R. Nyquist interviews Chinese Scientist Dr. Yan Li-Meng, who had information that Russia & China planning simultaneous attack to eliminate the United States & occupy North America [Urgent Report from Natural News, Mike Adams] {alert} ……..

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  • Larry Taylor Intel Flash Alert ~ June 7, 2022


    Raw Intel (worldwide) for June 7, 2022

    (1) Russia & China planning simultaneous combined attack to eliminate the United States & occupy North America ? [Natural News] [J.R. Nyquist] ……

    (2) Covert intelligence sources inside Russia report that Russian Strategic Missile Forces (2nd) ordered June 5, full combat alert [Hal Turner News Alert] ..

    (3) Developing, Global internet outages (June 7) issues reported (Asia & Africa) of international transit disruptions [Texas News Studio] …..

    (4) Russia transitions from “Special Operation” in Ukraine, takes aim at NATO in sweeping move [Natural News] ….

    (5) Putin in new television delivery (Russia) says if WEST delivers new weapons to Ukraine, he will pick new targets ? [Hal Turner News] ….

    (6) Ukraine reported to possibly break promise to NATO on new missiles & use against Russian Crimea ? [Hal Turner News] ….

    (7) Dmitry Medvedev of Russia (Russian National Security Council) warns US is intentionally & directly provoking Russia to WAR ? [Hal Turner News] …..

    (8) Ukraine firing MLRS multiple launch rockets at civilian targets in downtown Donetsk [Hal Turner News] ….

    (9) Russian nuclear forces involved in ‘large-scale’ nuclear maneuver drills in western Russia, near Europe’s borders [Texas News Studio] …..

    (10) 100+ Israeli warplanes simulate anti-Iran operation drill over Israel & in area of Cyprus [DEBKAfile Israel] ……

    (11) Russia launches a cruise missile attack & strike near Lyiv Ukraine, near the border of Poland, targeted railways used by NATO [Texas News Studio] ….

    (12) Kremlin responds to Biden’s Poland visit & speech condemning Putin, missile strike hits Lyiv Ukraine [Yahoo News] …..

    (13) Joe Biden threatens World War III if Putin (Russian Forces) make any attacks upon NATO ? [Breitbart News] …..

    (14) Something has gone completely wrong with Democracy, when you can change the President & 4,000+ workers for Presidents, but America’s DEEP STATE still runs the nation. Becomes a point where “Elections” do not even matter, as DEEP STATE (protected government) continually runs America, no matter who’s in OFFICE ? [War Room, Jeffery Tucker, Brownstone Institute] …

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  • Larry Taylor Intel Flash Alert ~ May 31, 2022


    Raw Intel (worldwide) for May 31, 2022

    (1) Biden welcomes New Zealand Prime Minister Ardern to White House, expresses interest in her Gun Control & Online Censorship, says America needs that ? [Breitbart News] ….

    (2) Europe lurches closer to full energy crisis, as Kremlin cuts off gas supply to Shell Energy [Yahoo News] ….

    (3) Russia widens Europe’s gas supply, cuts & halts supply to Dutch, Danish & German contracts [Yahoo News] ….

    (4) Secretary of National Security Council of Russia Nikolai Patrushev, warns Poland is moving to seize territory in Western Ukraine [Yahoo News] ….

    (5) Intel Reports: Ukraine forces losing 1500 troops daily in war with Russia, every single day [Hal Turner News] ….

    (6) Rolling blackouts to affect over a billion people, as energy crisis worsens. There is now less electricity worldwide, due to Biden Administration shut down of fossil fuel industry ? [News Target] ….

    (7) Ukraine Military reported Sunday, US Officials had given them enough Harpoon Anti-Ship missiles to sink the entire Russian Fleet [Hal Turner] …

    (8) Reports: Stay away from New York City, crime so wide spread & violent no one is safe anymore, avoid NYC at all costs [Hal Turner News] ….

    (9) Russian forces conquer Severodonetsk, moving to capture other cities in the region [Hal Turner News] …..

    (10) (unconfirmed) Intel Reports: Joe Biden & Biden Administration preparing papers for possible Martial Law scenario June 15th ? [Steve Quayle Alerts] ….

    (11) Canada’s Trudeau moves to ban handgun sales & Castro-style tyranny power grab in Canada [Breitbart News] ….

    (12) Democrats prepare “8” eight Gun Control Bills, target bump stocks, ghost guns, legal purchase age ! QUESTION: Will GOP fold again to DEMS [Breitbart] …

    (13) 30 Chinese warplanes entered Taiwan’s southwest air defense zone on Monday, continued probing ? [Texas News Studio] …..

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  • Larry Taylor Intel Flash Alert ~ May 28, 2022


    Raw Intel (worldwide) for May 28, 2022

    (1) Former President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko observed at Rava-Russkaya border checkpoint of Lvov, reported leaving Ukraine quickly to escape to Poland. Ukraine issues arrest warrant for Poroshenko, crime “fleeing Ukraine” after he crossed into Poland [Hal Turner News Alert] ….

    (2) Rand Paul warning Americans “Elite want a One World Government now & it’s not at all a conspiracy theory” [Texas News Studio] …

    (3) China is mobilizing for war & moving some Chinese into the interior of China. Gathering 1,000+ ships for move on Taiwan, as America’s military just watches the build-up – Taiwan invasion coming soon! [War Room Intel News] ….

    (4) We did not build a missile defense system under Reagan, Trump tried to begin with Space Force, but Biden Administration has stopped all momentum on a good defense system to stop Nuclear or EMPs [War Room Intel News] …

    (5) Talk inside China of using a crippling biological attack on America, thus crippling American economy completely [War Room Intel News] ….

    (6) Iran reveals 100+ ready for flight military drones at secret base (underground) under Iran’s Zagros Mountains [Debkafile Israel] ….

    (7) Jerusalem livid at US Biden Administration “LEAK” that Israel assassinated Iranian Commander in Tehran ? [World Israel News] …

    (8) Israeli strike centered around Damascus Syria & assassination of Iranian Commander Hassan Khodayari in Tehran {breaking} [Amir Tsarfati News] ….

    (9) US poised to force a Russian debt default. Holly Deyo note: “Nothing like poking an already angry BEAR” [Deyo News Alert] …..

    (10) Ukrainian Chief of Intelligence reports Russians recovered “bodies” & secret equipment away from sunken Moskva warship, off Ukraine [Yahoo News] ….

    (11) Report of possibly another assassination attempt against Putin ? Report by Israeli News Live & video sound was at “0” not working ? [Israeli News Live] …

    (12) Report (unconfirmed) that Ukraine Forces have begun an attack against Russian forces in Kherson Ukraine ? [Yahoo News] …..

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