Larry Taylor Intel Flash Alert ~ September 13, 2022


Raw Intel (worldwide) for September 13, 2022

(1) Whistleblower warns Twitter employed a Chinese SPY, endangering all private user data. Peiter Zatko says member of Chinese Intelligence Security Service worked for Twitter Company [Breitbart News] ….

(2) Russia suffers major defeat in the Ukraine, as Ukraine Army forces push Russians back to border with Russia ? [Israeli News Live] …..

(3) Russian long-range bombers hit Ukraine electric & power stations in numerous locations with Russian X-22 missiles [Yahoo News] ….

(4) Israeli Defense Firm selling anti-drone defense systems to Ukraine, for defense against Russian drones [Times of Israel News] ….

(5) Kyiv reporting Russian troops fleeing en mass, surrendering, as Ukraine forces press forth on counter-attack blitz [Times of Israel News] …

(6) Ukraine military claims it shot down an Iranian drone, used by the Russian Army in conflict [World Israel News] ….

(7) Russia announces troop pullback from Ukraine Kharkiv region, during Ukraine Army counter-offensive making significant advances [Yahoo News] ….

(8) Ukraine launched a counter-offensive against Russian forces earlier this week, with many deaths in thousands on battlefields [Hal Turner News] …

(9) German Legislator let slip in German on the floor of the Bundestag (translation is) “Dear Colleagues, this 24th of September, 2022 will be a day we will say ‘I remember exactly where I was’ …” [end translation] [Hal Turner] ….

(10) US Communications Satellite “Galaxy 11” suddenly breaking up in orbit, threatening other satellites in it’s area of space ? [Hal Turner News] ….

(11) Intel Circuits are active suddenly & widespread (rumors) that Russia is considering a full scale mobilization of forces (unconfirmed) [Hal Turner] ..

(12) Denver Colorado Emergency Management is in distribution mode of “Bug-Out” bags for it’s citizens ? [Hal Turner News] ….

(13) Russia declares that Germany has now crossed the “Rubicon” crossing Russian RED LINE, as Russian Ambassador to Berlin delivers message from Putin, on Germany lethal weapons sent to Ukraine [Hal Turner News] ….

(14) Freeze for the Global Agenda this winter, as the United Nations demands that Europe not go back to Fossil Fuels for heat,electricity; demands Europe freeze for the good of the Earth ? [Breitbart News] ….

(15) Blunt warnings from the Russian Foreign Minister & Federation Council (Dmitry Medvedev) clearly warning that Nuclear War is coming [Hal Turner] ..

(16) Armenian Social Media users report fighting has suddenly begun, all along the Armenian-Azerbaijani border region. Multiple Armenian artillery & S-300 missile defense systems, as well as Azerbaijani aircraft & UAVs destroyed in the extremely heavy fighting {alert} [Q-Alert News] ….

(17) Azerbaijan begins artillery attacks upon Armenia, using artillery, mortar & rockets fire into Armenia. This is not a land dispute, Azerbaijan has just attacked Armenia proper. Armenia reports it will call on Russia for assistance & defense. Thus again CSTO vs NATO (Russia vs NATO) with hostilities that may mushroom between Azerbaijan & Armenia ? [Hal Turner Covert Intel Alert] ….

(18) Goodbye to a tireless advocate for American National Security, Dr. Peter Pry, who attempted to get America to secure it’s power grid systems for an EMP, but to no avail. Dr. Pry has passed away [Deyo News Report] ……

(19) Israel is now out of options for stopping Iran’s Nuclear Program race, to build it’s own nuclear weapons ? [Debkafile News] ….

(20) Israeli Air Force has been using F-35 Stealth warplanes to penetrate the Iranian air space, according to Saudi Arabia special report [Koenig News] …..

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