Larry Taylor Intel Flash Alert ~ September 4, 2022


Raw Intel (worldwide) for September 4, 2022

(1) Russia shuts off ALL natural gas supply to Europe indefinitely, cites some type mechanical problems with pipeline ? [America’s Voice News] ….

(2) Biden “doubles down” trashes the MAGA Agenda as extremism that threatens the very foundations of our Republic ? [Breitbart News] ….

(3) Federal Judge refuses, rejects Steve Bannon request for new trial on Contempt of Congress charge from the January 6th Committee Panel, Judge says does not warrant new trial [Yahoo News] ….

(4) Ukraine military attack for second time against Russian forces guarding the (ZPP) Zaporozyhe Nuclear Power Plant [Hal Turner Covert Intel] …

(5) Russia says Covid-19 is a US Bio-Weapon & Pentagon admits to 46 bio-labs inside Ukraine [Hal Turner Covert Intel] ….

(6) COVERT INTEL {restricted} ~ Germany delivers ‘long-range’ missiles to Ukraine Army, range 500km {breaking} [Hal Turner Covert Intel] …..

(7) Pope Francis declares mankind is now experiencing the opening outbreak of World War 3 [Q-Alert News] ….

(8) President Biden & now the White House says Donald Trump & his supporters are America’s threat & the real threat to Democracy for a future America [Breitbart News] ….

(9) Gary Heavin warns Russia will target US missile silos with hypersonic tactical nuclear weapons, low radiation yield, minimal fallout, will completely destroy US ability to retaliate ? [The Epoch Times] ….

(10) China sends 14 fighter jets across the Taiwan Strait, after Taiwan shot down a Chinese military drone near Chinese Mainland [Q-Alert News] …

(11) Ukraine’s President Zelensky admits he concealed US warnings of Russia going to advance into Donbas, so the Ukrainian people wouldn’t begin to flee the country [Ben Harnwell in Europe] [War Room] ….

(12) Head of Ukraine Intelligence admits to COVERT deployment of the Ukraine Army & war against Donetsk & Luhansk regions & that only the Russian Operation Z stopped the bloodbath there ? [Hal Turner Covert Intel] ….

(13) Gordon Chang (Expert on China) warns “It is time for countries to evacuate all diplomatic personnel from China & advise all foreign nationals to leave China immediately ? [Hal Turner Covert Intel] ….

(14) Biden brings the “War on Terror” home to America, targets the American people & threatens to criminalize Trumpism ? [GETTR Dr. RW Malone] …..

(15) Sudden & extensive web internet outages last 24 hours (thousands of servers) mysteriously hit (cyber) outages ? [Steve Quayle Alert] ….

(16) COVERT INTEL {restricted} ~ September 4, 2022 possible US troop movements ? (unconfirmed) {restricted} [Hal Turner Covert Intel] …..

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