Larry Taylor Intel Flash Alert ~ August 27, 2022


Raw Intel (worldwide) for August 27, 2022

(1) Col. (Ret) John Mills warns China is sending a large ground force to train with Russian Army in Vostok Exercises, possible dry run for a much larger war to be coming [Real America’s Voice News] …..

(2) US now pulling guns/ammo from US active duty military units, sending to the Ukraine, as even US Special Forces requested to turn in rifles & ammo for the coming shipments [Hal Turner Covert Intel] ….

(3) Troop notification (unconfirmed) Fort Campbell Kentucky, call to Army Ranger Airborne, all hands on deck, movement as soon as possible, deploy to Kyiv Ukraine [Hal Turner Covert Intel] ….

(4) NEWSFLASH – Russian President Putin motorcade enroute to Kremlin, midnight Moscow time. Russian Duma special late meeting, for reportedly unknown reasons [Hal Turner Covert Intel] ….

(5) Putin orders Russian troop call-up in face of Ukraine situation losses, to increase by 137,000 new troops for war [Yahoo News] ….

(6) America is ripe for a nuclear attack by terror group in a large city (USA) as Biden has created that possibility with leaving Afghanistan like he did & now America’s wide-open border, plus we no longer watch for terror operatives entering America (CIA (Ret) Sam Faddis) [War Room] …..

(7) Belarus now has nuclear weapons in possession, as Ukraine’s Zelensky continues to threaten Belarus with military action [Israeli News Live] ….

(8) Russian forces concentrates more than 760 aircraft on it’s border with Ukraine ? [Yahoo News] ….

(9) President of Belarus. Alexander Lukashenko announces (August 26, 2022) that his warplanes are now modified to carry nuclear weapons delivered by Moscow to his country [Hal Turner Covert Intel] …..

(10) Intelligence received by Russia of US troop movement coming toward Ukraine, UK & Poland troops moving to Lviv Ukraine & Belarus will block Poland & enter the war against Ukraine (ally of Russia) [Hal Turner Covert Intel] …..

(11) Ukraine Army artillery units again (August 26, 2022) shelled the Zaporozhzhye (ZPP) Nuclear Power Plant under Russian control, reports indicate strikes near spent fuel storage ? [Hal Turner Covert Intel] …..

(12) Behold Israel Intelligence – Iran is already nuclear state & ready to produce own bombs, as proxy states threaten Israel [Amir Tsarfati] …..

(13) Iran sends word to proxy country (Lebanon) Hezballah forces to begin attack preps for strikes on Israeli Gas Fields ? [Debkafile Israel] …..

(14) Nuclear drills in Ukraine underway, to prepare citizens for all nuclear scenarios, linked to Russia [Space War News] ….

(15) Israel is now out of options for stopping Iran’s Nuclear Program & race to build it’s own bombs, as Biden refuses Israeli urgent calls [Debkafile Israel] …

(16) Israeli Air Force stealth F-35 warplanes have been penetrating Iran’s air space, according to Saudi Arabia reports ? [Koenig International News] ….

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