Larry Taylor Intel Flash Alert ~ August 21, 2022


Raw Intel (worldwide) for August 21, 2022

(1) FLASH POINT ALERT ~ Daughter of Russian Alexander Dugin, who is reported as “Putin’s Brain” advisor to Putin, killed in car assassination explosion near Moscow. Reported assassination attempt of Alexander Dugin was to have killed close Putin Advisor, but instead killed his daughter who drove the car. Russia says the WEST should be prepared for a harsh response to this assassination attempt near Moscow {breaking} [Texas News Studio Bulletin] …..

(2) BREAKING NEWS ~ Darya Dugin, daughter of Putin’s advisor & ally, Alexander Dugin, killed in explosion of vehicle near Moscow, as both decided to travel separate directions at the last minute {breaking} [Koenig International News] ..

(3) BREAKING ALERT ~ Daughter of Russian Political Theorist Alexander Dugin, killed in car bomb assassination attempt on the outskirts of Moscow. The death of Dugin’s daughter, in assassination attempt on Alexander Dugin (Putin ally) will likely raise tensions in the Russia-Ukraine war ? [Yahoo News Alert] ….

(4) The End-Game is out in the open now, as WEST says any “radiation leak” from Ukraine Zaporozhzhia (ZPP) nuclear power plant, will trigger immediately NATO’s Article 5 & NATO military response ? “Hal Turner advisory: If you hear of a radiation leak at (NPP) in Ukraine, that’s your warning to bug out to safe location” immediately [Hal Turner Covert Intel] …..

(5) BREAKING ~ Iran is already nuclear, the Proxies of Iran surround Israel & are beginning their activity ? [Behold Israel, Amir Tsarfati Intelligence] …..

(6) EXCLUSIVE ~ Democrats Susan Rice & Ron Klain have taken the leadership of the White House, as Joe Biden disappears from public & White House, reportedly on extended vacation, as both Rice & Klain defend keeping Biden from his duties & public view ? [Breitbart News Exclusive Breaking] ……

(7) Israeli Security Agency (Shin Bet) fears Russia & Iran are colluding to sway the upcoming results of the Israeli November 1 election, mainly through use of “anti-Netanyahu” targeted, algorithm-driven mind control methods on the Social Media Groups ? [World Israel News Breaking] …..

(8) The US Foreign Policy has doomed (EU) Europe to hunger & cold this coming winter, by demanding EU to cut all ties with Russia & the Russian Gas & Energy Companies [Hal Turner News] …..

(9) Putin to allow United Nations inspection of Ukraine’s (ZPP) Zaporozhzhia Nuclear Power Reactor Site ? [DEBKAfile Israel] ….

(10) GETTR (WAR ROOM) ~ Foreign Correspondent Ben Harnwell says “Ukraine President Zelensky admits he concealed US warnings that Russia was going to invade from the Ukraine people, so the people of Ukraine would not flee the country for safety in other locations” ? [War Room Report] ……

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