Larry Taylor Intel Flash Alert ~ August 18, 2022


Raw Intel (worldwide) for August 18, 2022

(1) Russian Defense Minister warns that the Kyiv Regime in Ukraine will use a provocative event (large-scale) in the coming days directed at the Ukraine War Zone (ZNPP) Nuclear Power Plant ? [Yahoo News] ….

(2) URGENT ALERT ~ News Flash Alert – Russian Kerch Strait Bridge reportedly under Ukraine missile attack. Numerous reports intelligence say Russian Air Defense is engaging incoming Ukrainian missiles directed at the key Kerch Strait Bridge. This bridge is a construction marvel & connects Russia to Crimea, Russian supply route to Crimea (Developing Now) [Hal Turner Alert] ….

(3) BREAKING ALERT ~ News Flash – 4 massive explosions rock the Russian City of Sevastopol in Crimea (Russian annexed region) [Texas News Studio] ….

(4) Ukraine Armed Forces warn Russia has begun to concentrate a large number of transport & missile launch containers, with Anti-Air Defense Missile Units near the border between Russia & Ukraine ? [Yahoo News Alert] …..

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