Larry Taylor Intel Flash Alert ~ August 11, 2022


Raw Intel (worldwide) for August 11, 2022

(1) Stan Deyo Interview: “A Nation In Peril, What Comes Next” (Aug. 9, 2022) All FBI today are Deep State Operatives. This Trump raid by FBI on Aug. 8, 2022 was kick-off to set in motion & forward momentum into Civil War in America. In the Hopi Prophecies “US will dissolve into a civil war & martial law. Russia, China & another Middle East Nation will attack & invade America. The term SOON by the Hopi is difficult to express, however, it now appears Civil War is upon us & Martial Law is coming quickly” It Has Started! [] …..

(2) FBI raid on Trump took place just days after “historians” warned Joe Biden of another possible Civil War in America ? [Breitbart News] ….

(3) US Attorney General Merrick Garland says he personally approved the Trump raid warrant. Deep State troubles, scramble to contain the fallout. Garland says he stands by dedicated, patriotic Public Servants, DOJ & FBI [Breitbart News Breaking Headlines] …..

(4) FBI placed pen registers (spy) & listening devices into Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Estate Office & Home ? [Hal Turner Covert Intel Breaking] …..

(5) Lou Dobbs Reports “We must now fight for our President, our country & the Rule of Law” [] ….

(6) Covert Intel Report “Date of US Dollar Death Uncertain”, as Saudi Arabia just joined (BRICS) with Russia, Brazil, China, India & South Africa, forming it’s own trade bloc, against the WEST ? [Hal Turner News] …..

(7) Putin has just given the order for Russia to deploy nuclear weapons in Ukraine, reports Kremlin [Texas News Studio] ….

(8) Atomic Energy Chief (IAEA) warns of risk of nuclear disaster at Ukraine Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Energy Plant ? [American Military News] ….

(9) Dramatic satellite images, as Ukraine attacks Russian warplanes at airports in Crimea & Belarus {breaking} [Q-Alert News] ….

(10) Russia uses thermobaric bombs to obliterate buildings in Donbas fighting between Russian forces & Ukraine Army {breaking} [Koenig International News] ..

(11) War Room “Erik Prince warns WATCH the next 30 days, Taiwan & China. Chinese will begin losing weather in region for war or invasion, but Xi has secretly said China would reorganize the World Order” ? {breaking} from Steve Bannon & War Room [America’s Voice News] ……

(12) Barry Roffman Torah Code Matrix titled: “Nazi Raid on Trump” Code Matrix (August 10, 2022) Code Words found: (a) Trump Raided (b) Innocent (c) Wray (d) Nazi (e) UFO (f) President of the Earth (g) The wicked deserves to be beaten (h) Obama (end of code) {under construction} [Roffman Mars] …

(13) China halts high-level communications with the US, suspends other cooperative agreements with US [Hal Turner Covert Intel Report] ….

(14) North Korean Government offers Russia an “Ready Army” of 100,000 troops to assist in war in Ukraine ? [Yahoo News] …..

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