Larry Taylor Intel Flash Alert ~ August 7, 2022


Raw Intel (worldwide) for August 7, 2022

(1) Israel under attack, as Palestinian rockets now fired at Jerusalem, using extended range missiles. Israel under massive attack, with 800+ rockets exploding throughout central & southern Israel [United With Israel] …

(2) Israel hit with nearly 1,000 missiles/rockets, including targets in Jerusalem & Tel Aviv [World Israel News] ….

(3) United Nations, World reacts to Israeli Operation Breaking Dawn, as UN reportedly to hold emergency meeting on Monday [Israel 365 News] …

(4) Israeli IDF strikes in Gaza, killed 2 – Top Leaders of the Palestinian Jihad, Jabari & Mansour, but terror groups will not confirm deaths ? [Koenig News] …

(5) IDF Chief Aviv Kochavi says Israel’s goal is to mortally wound Islamic Jihad terror inside Gaza [Koenig International News] ….

(6) Operation Breaking Dawn underway in Israel, with Israel under attack, 100s of Palestinian rockets fired into Israeli population [Israel 365 News] ….

(7) Israel at war, IDF attacks Gaza, Palestinian rockets fired into central Israel, with Israelis in bomb shelters, as IDF calls up emergency movement of 25,000 reserve army forces [United With Israel] …..

(8) IDF urgent call up of 25,000 reserve troops, primarily infantry, tank & air defense units. Israeli air space closed [Debkafile Israel] …..

(9) Israel launches major IDF attack in Gaza, assassinates top Palestinian Leaders, Operatives [World Israel News] …..

(10) Behold Israel Ministry – Israeli Operation Breaking Dawn begins in Israel, Gaza, as rocket attacks continue, much fighting [Amir Tsarfati Update] ….

(11) Bulletin Covert Intel – Russia declares will capture Kyiv & Odessa Ukraine, to recover US BioLabs located there. New Russian targets of Russian Special Operations is dismantling & expose’ of US Bio-Labs inside Ukraine to the world soon [Hal Turner News] ….

(12) Russian forces strike on Ammo Depot housing Western (NATO) supplied ammunition destroys 45,000 tons of supplies in Ukraine, meanwhile Russia destroys 5 other Ukraine Ammo Depots, used by Ukraine Army [Q-Alert News] …

(13) North Korea offers Putin (Russia) 100,000 man Army of North Korean troops to help defeat West, Ukraine, reported by Russian TV [Yahoo News] …..

(14) Chinese Military move nuclear missiles to Fuijan coast, target Guam & US Aircraft Carriers with missiles, known as carrier killers [Texas News Studio] …

(15) Invasion of the US southern border, as massive media attacks against (Rep) candidate Kari Lake, as she exposes’ “invasion” from south (Arizona) (Texas) Kari Lake warns “America is supposed to be a Republic with borders” but says Biden, Washington DC doesn’t care for the nation ! [War Room Breaking] …….

(16) Looks like Washington Democrats are going to shove new BILL (Billions) down America’s throat, as Republicans wimp out or just vote for Democratic Bill, coming soon !!! [War Room News] …..

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