Larry Taylor Intel Flash Alert ~ August 4, 2022


Raw Intel (worldwide) for August 4, 2022

(1) The Drug Cartels now have complete operational control of the entire US southern border – We Are At War [Lou Dobbs News] ….

(2) Chinese military launched 11+ ballistic missiles toward Taiwan & Japan. China also fired multiple type missiles into the Taiwan Strait. Taiwan missile defense systems on high alert, deployed across Taiwan [American Military News] ….

(3) Monkey Werx Situation Report: Was the recent political trip of Pelosi to Taiwan a BLACK SWAN EVENT ? {video} [Monkey Werx US] …..

(4) People’s Liberation Army of China fired 2 DF-15 missiles directly over the Island of Taiwan. Chinese Navy has encircled the Island Nation & a sea blockade is in place around Taiwan. 27 Chinese warplanes crossed Taiwan Median-Line of airspace [Hal Turner Covert Intel] ……

(5) 10 Chinese warships crossed Taiwan Sea-Line boundary, into Taiwan waters & remain [Hal Turner News] ….

(6) Russia says they now support China in it’s war on Taiwan & the Chinese Naval blockade of the Island [Hal Turner Covert Intel] ….

(7) China fires 11 ballistic missiles near Island of Taiwan [Breitbart News Alert] ..

(8) Helicopters from Chinese military now observing Taiwan’s Pingtan Island, near Taiwan [Breitbart News Alert] ….

(9) Taiwan is firing flares at Chinese drones, as Taiwan fighter jets scramble, with CCP Sea & Air blockade in force [Q-Alert News] ….

(10) Chinese missiles land in Japanese waters, as Beijing warns will fire some of it’s hypersonic missiles soon [Q-Alert News] ….

(11) China kicks off it’s largest-ever military exercise in region, after Nancy Pelosi visit to Taiwan [DEBKAfile Israel] ….

(12) US Aircraft that tracks missiles in flight has deployed from Japan, moving towards Taiwan [DEBKAfile Israel] ….

(13) BEHOLD ISRAEL UPDATE NOTES: Nancy Pelosi’s bold move opened the door for China to escalate Taiwan invasion scenario, via special operations by China. Now a No-Fly Zone over Taiwan, Chinese intrusions into Taiwan waters. Chinese have effectively surrounded the Island & blockade of the entire Island Nation is in play. China can now strangle Taiwan resources until Taipei falls ? I believe no one, US/UN will not interfere or stop this China move ? [Amir Tsarfati, Israel] ….

(14) KOENIG ALERT: Coming, the Hashemite Kingdom of Palestine. A single-entity encompassing all of Jordan, Gaza & parts of the West Bank. Israeli Prime Minister Lapid now in negotiations with Jordan’s King Abdullah for this surprise movement ? {alert} [Koenig International News] ……

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