Larry Taylor Intel Flash Alert ~ June 26, 2022


Raw Intel (worldwide) for June 26, 2022

(1) Special Report: Russian Army forces conquer Severodonetsk in Eastern Ukraine, next stop Lysychansk [Hal Turner News] ….

(2) Putin says Russia will provide modern missile systems to Belarus, capable of carrying nuclear warhead ? [Hal Turner News] ….

(3) Updated: Putin (video) rushed urgently to the Kremlin, 11pm Moscow time, in fast moving motorcade ? [Hal Turner News Alert] ….

(4) Updated: Intel circuits reporting something has happened (serious matter) & Presidential decision needed at Kremlin ? [Hal Turner News Alert] ….

(5) Update: Ukraine Army reporting missiles have been fired from Belarus, into Ukraine Chernigiv border region [Hal Turner News Alert] ….

(6) Russia attacked the Ukraine Capital early Sunday, bombing buildings inside Kyiv. Also reports of 14 Russian missiles fired at Ukraine Capital, possibly only a symbolic attack ? [Yahoo News Breaking] ….

(7) Russia threatens Poland, as Putin claims 80 Polish fighters captured in Ukraine killed in Eastern Ukraine, as tensions mount over Kalininghrad & NATO blockade [Q-Alert News] ….

(8) From Jerusalem: “The Dominos Are Lined Up” (by Jerry Golden) {Ezek 38} Russia sees what the believe is the demise of the USA & now is the time to remove Israel ? Thousands of Russian troops training with Syrian troops on Israel’s northern border region at this present time [The Golden Report] ..

(9) HRR Alert: Demolition of US supply chains is “pre-Civil War” sabotage to shape the battlefield for domestic warfare against “We The People” special report by Mike Adams [HRR Report, Natural News] ……

(10) Supreme Court overturns Roe-vs-Wade, no Federal Constitutional right to abortion, as wide-spread protests begin in USA [Hal Turner News] ….

(11) City of Washington DC — ALERT — deploys pallets of bricks in front of Republican National Committee HQ (images on Turner) just blocks from the Supreme Court building !!! [Hal Turner News Alert] ….

(12) ALERT: DHS warning of ‘weeks’ of violent attacks, protests, rioting, over SCOTUS abortion decision ? [American Military News] ….

(13) “Force Majeure” declared in America (multiple energy sources) all oil for diesel engines will be gone in 8 weeks, no diesel oil, no trucking, no supply, full complete stop !!! [Hal Turner News Alert] …..

(14) Biden brain freeze, White House note card in Big Joey’s hands, “you enter room, you take your seat” —- as Leader of the free world NOTE CARD goes viral on Social Media [Breitbart News] …..

(15) Joe Biden falls off his bicycle in Delaware, White House down-plays incident for Leader of the Western Powers ? [The Epoch Times News] ….

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