Larry Taylor Intel Flash Alert ~ June 21, 2022


Raw Intel (worldwide) for June 21, 2022

(1) Texas GOP new platform is now “Biden is not legally elected as President of the United States [War Room Ticker] ….

(2) Israel dissolves it’s Government (Bennett Government) sets sights on a 5th Israeli Election [War Room Ticker] ….

(3) The Biden Administration & Regime situation in America (2022) is dire, the Rule of Law is now DEAD, in United States [War Room – Liz Yore] …..

(4) Bulletin: Texas Republicans push for a referendum to decide on State of Texas secession from the United States [Strange Sounds Org] …..

(5) Purpose of the January 6th Committee is to knee-cap prospects of TRUMP & his ALLIES, as the 2024 Elections approach [War Room] ……

(6) Democrat Hatchet Man Norm Eisen’s fingerprints are all over a DARK new element of the January 6th Witch Hunt [Revolver News] …..

(7) Fed Chair Powell: Rapid changes are taking place in the Global Monetary System that may affect the International Role of the Dollar [Hal Turner News] …

(8) Iran cyber-hacks Israel’s missile alert system, sets off rocket-warn sirens in Jerusalem & Eilat [Israel 365 News] ….

(9) Massive military show of force, as China sends 29 warplanes into Taiwan Air Defense ID Zone [Hal Turner News] ….

(10) Ukraine attacks Russian Drilling Platforms (oil & gas) in the Black Sea, off Crimea, strikes platforms with Harpoon Missiles [Hal Turner News] ….

(11) Intel circuits reporting (buzzing) Russia will retaliate & strike Ukraine “Decision Making Centers [Hal Turner News] ….

(12) Ukraine sinks Russian Rescue Tug off coast, strikes ship with US Harpoon Missiles [Hal Turner News] ….

(13) Lithuania may have lit the fuse on World War 3, as NATO-mamber blocks Russian supply train passage to Kaliningrad & Russian Navy Baltic Sea Base, denying supplies to 1 million Russians [Q-Alert News] …..

(14) Intelligence Update: Lithuania sanctions Russian Railroads, blocks Russia off from supplies to Russian Kaliningrad [Hal Turner News] ….

(15) Covert Intel Update: The decision has been made by Russia, from direct active source inside Russia “Russian Military will rescue Kaliningrad from NATO” with {restricted} Hal Turner Covert Intel (subscribers only) massive military movements inside Russia, forces moving west {alert} [Hal Turner Alert] …..

(16) Covert Intel Update: re: Lithuania threat to Russia & Kaliningrad — Troops & military equipment from Belarus, already on the move toward Lithuania, with Russia troops & tanks, artillery moving west [Hal Turner Alert] …..

(17) Covert Intel Bulletin {restricted} Source in Germany says top German military & senior Political German staff preparing for an attack in broad swath of NATO borders — it’s coming !!! [Hal Turner Alert] ……

(18) Biden falls off his bicycle in Delaware, White House responds, plays down incident, says “He’s fine” that is all …. [The Epoch Times] ….

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