Larry Taylor Intel Flash Alert ~ June 8, 2022


Raw Intel (worldwide) for June 8, 2022

(1) Hal Turner Special Alert {restricted} Covert Intel: Tactical Nuclear Weapons Shipment {restricted} (unconfirmed by Government) Sources deep inside US Military “RUMOR” certain members “by accident” shipped 2 Battlefield tactical nuclear weapons to Ukraine, in shipment of ammo shells for howitzers ? {alert} (unconfirmed by Government) [Hal Turner Special Alert Report] ……

(2) Hal Turner Special Alert {restricted} Covert Intel: Central American Nation receives deployment of Russian Troops & Planes (covert intelligence) Intel Circuits in US “hot” with news of sudden arrival of Russians in Central America. Information {intel} Russian transport planes, fighter jets & heavy long-range bombers deploy to Nicaragua {restricted} [Hal Turner Special Alert Report] …

(3) Natural News Red Alert: In special interview, J.R. Nyquist interviews Chinese Scientist Dr. Yan Li-Meng, who had information that Russia & China planning simultaneous attack to eliminate the United States & occupy North America [Urgent Report from Natural News, Mike Adams] {alert} ……..

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