Larry Taylor Intel Flash Alert ~ June 7, 2022


Raw Intel (worldwide) for June 7, 2022

(1) Russia & China planning simultaneous combined attack to eliminate the United States & occupy North America ? [Natural News] [J.R. Nyquist] ……

(2) Covert intelligence sources inside Russia report that Russian Strategic Missile Forces (2nd) ordered June 5, full combat alert [Hal Turner News Alert] ..

(3) Developing, Global internet outages (June 7) issues reported (Asia & Africa) of international transit disruptions [Texas News Studio] …..

(4) Russia transitions from “Special Operation” in Ukraine, takes aim at NATO in sweeping move [Natural News] ….

(5) Putin in new television delivery (Russia) says if WEST delivers new weapons to Ukraine, he will pick new targets ? [Hal Turner News] ….

(6) Ukraine reported to possibly break promise to NATO on new missiles & use against Russian Crimea ? [Hal Turner News] ….

(7) Dmitry Medvedev of Russia (Russian National Security Council) warns US is intentionally & directly provoking Russia to WAR ? [Hal Turner News] …..

(8) Ukraine firing MLRS multiple launch rockets at civilian targets in downtown Donetsk [Hal Turner News] ….

(9) Russian nuclear forces involved in ‘large-scale’ nuclear maneuver drills in western Russia, near Europe’s borders [Texas News Studio] …..

(10) 100+ Israeli warplanes simulate anti-Iran operation drill over Israel & in area of Cyprus [DEBKAfile Israel] ……

(11) Russia launches a cruise missile attack & strike near Lyiv Ukraine, near the border of Poland, targeted railways used by NATO [Texas News Studio] ….

(12) Kremlin responds to Biden’s Poland visit & speech condemning Putin, missile strike hits Lyiv Ukraine [Yahoo News] …..

(13) Joe Biden threatens World War III if Putin (Russian Forces) make any attacks upon NATO ? [Breitbart News] …..

(14) Something has gone completely wrong with Democracy, when you can change the President & 4,000+ workers for Presidents, but America’s DEEP STATE still runs the nation. Becomes a point where “Elections” do not even matter, as DEEP STATE (protected government) continually runs America, no matter who’s in OFFICE ? [War Room, Jeffery Tucker, Brownstone Institute] …

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