Larry Taylor Intel Flash Alert ~ May 28, 2022


Raw Intel (worldwide) for May 28, 2022

(1) Former President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko observed at Rava-Russkaya border checkpoint of Lvov, reported leaving Ukraine quickly to escape to Poland. Ukraine issues arrest warrant for Poroshenko, crime “fleeing Ukraine” after he crossed into Poland [Hal Turner News Alert] ….

(2) Rand Paul warning Americans “Elite want a One World Government now & it’s not at all a conspiracy theory” [Texas News Studio] …

(3) China is mobilizing for war & moving some Chinese into the interior of China. Gathering 1,000+ ships for move on Taiwan, as America’s military just watches the build-up – Taiwan invasion coming soon! [War Room Intel News] ….

(4) We did not build a missile defense system under Reagan, Trump tried to begin with Space Force, but Biden Administration has stopped all momentum on a good defense system to stop Nuclear or EMPs [War Room Intel News] …

(5) Talk inside China of using a crippling biological attack on America, thus crippling American economy completely [War Room Intel News] ….

(6) Iran reveals 100+ ready for flight military drones at secret base (underground) under Iran’s Zagros Mountains [Debkafile Israel] ….

(7) Jerusalem livid at US Biden Administration “LEAK” that Israel assassinated Iranian Commander in Tehran ? [World Israel News] …

(8) Israeli strike centered around Damascus Syria & assassination of Iranian Commander Hassan Khodayari in Tehran {breaking} [Amir Tsarfati News] ….

(9) US poised to force a Russian debt default. Holly Deyo note: “Nothing like poking an already angry BEAR” [Deyo News Alert] …..

(10) Ukrainian Chief of Intelligence reports Russians recovered “bodies” & secret equipment away from sunken Moskva warship, off Ukraine [Yahoo News] ….

(11) Report of possibly another assassination attempt against Putin ? Report by Israeli News Live & video sound was at “0” not working ? [Israeli News Live] …

(12) Report (unconfirmed) that Ukraine Forces have begun an attack against Russian forces in Kherson Ukraine ? [Yahoo News] …..

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