Larry Taylor Intel Flash ~ May 24, 2022


Raw Intel (worldwide) for May 24, 2022

(1) Urgent Bulletin: The country of Hungary will declare a “Wartime Emergency” at midnight tonight (May 24, 2022) Prime Minister Orban warns the government will declare a “State of War” from midnight tonight, to protect Hungary & Hungarian families by all possible means (cryptic message) [Hal Turner Alert] ..

(2) Update: Late this evening (May 24, 2022) Hal Turner received inside information on the situation with Hungary & it’s declaration, now reportedly in effect “State of War” – Will release on radio show tonight ! [Hal Turner News] …

(3) John Moore, Liberty Man, releases information to Mike Adams, Health Ranger on impending invasion of the United States ? [Mike Adams, Brighteon] ….

(4) North Korea just fired a ballistic missile toward the Sea of Japan, after recent warning {breaking} [Texas News Studio] ….

(5) Multiple Russian & Chinese warplanes enter KADIZ (South Korean airspace) without any notice (includes 2 – T95 Russian bombers) [Texas News Studio] …

(6) CIA just added 2 new stars to wall of honor of dead agents, just as Azovstal fell in Ukraine to the Russian Army, what happened ? [Hal Turner News] ….

(7) China stockpiling food, prepare now for USA blackouts this summer (2022) as Biden LEFT demolishes US energy supply ? [Natural News, Mike Adams] ..

(8) Bulletin: Wuhan Lab did gain of function research on “Monkey-Pox” same Bio-Lab in China that worked up COVID-19 ? [Hal Turner News] …

(9) White House cleans up Biden rhetoric, after Biden claims to defend Taiwan, but White House removes information of defense of Taiwan ? [Breitbart News] ..

(10) Ukraine Intelligence Chief details how Putin survived an assassination attempt & says coup is still on against Putin, this summer [Yahoo News] ..

(11) Migrants tired of waiting on Biden drop of Title 42, surge through southern border, with 700+ apprehensions in 2 hours ? [Breitbart News Exclusive] …

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