Larry Taylor Intel Flash ~ May 22, 2022


Raw Intel (worldwide) for May 22, 2022

(1) US Senator Mitt Romney tells NATO “Prepare for Russian Nuclear Weapons” in New York Times public release, Romney & Club just warned us ? [Hal Turner] ….

(2) Joint Chief of Staff, Mike Mullen warns that Putin will use a nuclear weapon, another warning ? [Breitbart News] …

(3) US drawing up plans to sink the Russian Black Sea Fleet, says Ukraine Official in Kyiv, destroy Russian blockade in Black Sea ? [Q-Alert News] ….

(4) Bulletin: (May 22, 2022) Covert Intel {restricted} ~ Polish troops have now entered the Ukraine War. Report: 2 Battalions of Polish Army troops entered Ukraine covertly, commanded by a Lt. Col. — Each Battalion has Rapira anti-tank guns, APCs & American Armor for Carriers. Appears part of what $40 Billion Ukraine aid bill bought, NATO enters war against Russia ? Not a proxy war anymore ? [Hal Turner News Alert] …..

(5) New Reports indicate British SAS commandos, US Special Operators & now Polish Army troops or mercenaries (hired) are now inside Ukraine, active in a WAR against Russian Army ? [Hal Turner Covert Intel Report] ….

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