Larry Taylor Intel Flash ~ May 17, 2022


Raw Intel (worldwide) for May 17, 2022

(1) NATO, Ukraine troops launch war games, as Putin threatens Europe’s border region [Texas News Studio] ….

(2) Russian State Duma consider Poland be next in line for “denazisfication” after Ukraine [Hal Turner News] …

(3) Hundreds of Ukraine soldiers now have been evacuated from Mariupol, with others in Russian custody [DEBKAfile Israel] …

(4) Putin announces response to NATO, moves nuclear capable missiles to the border of Finland [Q-Alert News] ….

(5) Russia forced to deploy nuclear weapons on Europe’s borders, as Ukraine push against invaders continues [Koenig International News] ….

(6) Ukraine shuts down all Russian natural gas flow to Europe through Ukraine stations [Hal Turner News] ….

(7) NATO’s nuclear weapons now surround Russia, as many as 100 NATO country nukes in Europe now surround Russia ? [Texas News Studio] …

(8) Bulletin: Peter Navarro warns source told him known terrorists inside USA, walking country, as Biden keeps borders open ? [GETTR/War Room] ….

(9) Ukraine’s Azov Brigade (Nazis) group, agree to surrender to Russian forces at Mariupol Ukraine [Hal Turner News] …..

(10) Ukraine Government now confirms the surrender of Azov (Nazis) fighters in Mariupol to Russian forces [Hal Turner News] ….

(11) Russian Computer Hacker Group (unconfirmed) named “Killnet” announces coming Global Internet Attack on US/Allied Countries [Hal Turner News] ….

(12) Reports, US Admiral surrenders to Russian forces in Mariupol Ukraine, near Azov Steel Mill Plant ? [Hal Turner News] …..

(13) Bulletin Israel: Iranian cruise missile flown to Hezballah forces by Iran. Could carry a nuclear warhead & 3,000 km range, unknown purpose, with rumors of coming sea blockade against Israel ? [DEBKAfile Israel] ….

(14) For first time, Russia fires advanced anti-aircraft missiles targeting Israeli warplanes inside Syria, departure from policy ? [World Israel News] ….

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