Larry Taylor Intel Flash ~ May 8, 2022


Raw Intel (worldwide) for May 8, 2022

(1) Gog-Magog to possibly send “Doomsday” warning to the Western Powers on Monday (May 9, 2022) Russian WW2 Victory Day Parade & Celebration, with possible warning to NATO’s push at Russia ? [SkyWatchTV] ……

(2) US directly involved in Ukraine conflict, as now reported by Moscow. Russian State Duma-Volodin says “United States is taking part in the hostilities in Ukraine war with Russia & Biden Administration [Hal Turner News] ….

(3) US intel assisted Ukraine in sinking of Moskva, Russian Flagship & Officials claim it is a “bombshell” escalation in WAR ? [Zero hedge News] ….

(4) Second Russian Flagship Makarov, reported hit by Ukraine Neptune Missiles fired by Ukraine forces {breaking} [Yahoo News Breaking] …..

(5) You (Americans) have been warned — Area of concern, US Intel runs over Black Sea, more US C-17 cargo planes enroute to Europe [Monkey Werx] …

(6) Russian military forces abandon their Syrian Bases, ready, immediate redeployment to Ukraine War [DEBKAfile Israel] …..

(7) BULLETIN: Reports that Israel prepares for a major military offensive, amid continued terror attacks ? [Israeli News Live] ….

(8) Britain adds more nuclear warheads to it’s Trident Submarine arsenal as Russia test-fires Satan-2 ballistic missile [Hal Turner News] ….

(9) UK, Boris Johnson says “military aid to Ukraine is no longer enough to defend from Russia” kicks NATO green-light for troop involvement by NATO intervention in Ukraine ? [Hal Turner News] ….

(10) US begins deployment of A-10 warplanes to Norway & North Macedonia on May 7, 2022 [Hal Turner News] ….

(11) {unconfirmed} (social media report only) Russia is sending Russian General National Mobilization orders out today (May 9, 2022) [Hal Turner Alert] ….

(12) South Carolina Republican Lindsey Graham now warns “There is no off ramp for this war with Russia, no way for negotiations ? [Hal Turner News Alert] …..

(13) Hal Turner Comment (May 8, 2022) Be very watchful the next 24 hours, as things between US/NATO & Russia are very tense right now ? [Hal Turner] …..

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