Larry Taylor Intel Flash ~ April 17, 2022


Raw Intel (worldwide) for April 17, 2022

(1) Opinion (Harold Turner) America is now broken beyond repair & only force of arms can stop it’s total destruction ? — In America, States are literally at WAR with each other, it’s not Politics, it’s a Civil War ? [Hal Turner News] ….

(2) Bulletin: Azovstal Steel Plant, Mariupol being bombed by Russia. Russia to use the TU-22M3 Backfire Bombers to hit Azovstal Plant in Mariupol, without pause, blast to dust ? [Hal Turner News] …

(3) Azov Nazis, along with NATO/US forces are now being bombed heavy in Mariupol by Russian Forces [Project Gray Man] ….

(4) US grain shipments stopped last week, now fertilizer shipments stopped, when needed most in US, Spring Planting Time [Project Gray Man] …

(5) Covert Intel (subscribers only) {restricted} (April 17, 2022) Bulletin, Russia – Ukraine situation escalates in last 48 hours ! [Hal Turner News] ….

(6) Prior possible threat to NYC for (April 18, 2022) is posted Sunday (April 17) by Marshall Masters & Forbidden Knowledge TV sources ? [Marshall Masters] ….

(7) Augusto Perez posts letter to Intercessors & Prayer Warriors (April 17, 2022) critical days & events coming together ! [The Appearance Ministry] …..

(8) Steve Fletcher {video} posts (April 17, 2022) titled: “Eyes Open, Coming Days” be alert [Steve Fletcher, Mexico] …..

(9) X-class Solar Flare Erupts from Sun (April 17, 2022) plus 5 M-class Solar Flares, with possible Earth-directed component ? [Space Weather news] ….

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