Larry Taylor Intel Flash ~ April 16, 2022


Raw Intel (worldwide) for April 16, 2022

(1) Russia announces full control over Mariupol, shoot down of cargo plane carrying NATO weapons for Ukraine [Hal Turner News] ….

(2) 1,464 Ukraine troops surrender to Russian Army in Mariupol, as Russia wipes out complete city of Mariupol, all gone [Hal Turner News] ….

(3) Some sources claim Russian forces shot down NATO military cargo plane, carrying NATO supplies to Ukraine ? [Hal Turner News] …

(4) Russia puts Ukraine, Turkey & Poland on notice, for shipping weapons into the Ukraine war, not safe anymore ? [Hal Turner News] …

(5) {video} Since sinking of Russian warship Moskva, Russia now using much larger bombs in Ukraine war [Hal Turner News] ….

(6) Get Ready Now, severe shortages, worse economy & war coming for USA. SitRep (April 15, 2022) Strange activity over Florida ? [Monkey Werx US] …

(7) Nationwide USA cyber attack is coming {threat} warnings from US Cyber Security & Infrastructure Group {warning} [Deyo News Alert] …..

(8) Calls within Russia now, for an official “Declaration of War” against Ukraine, after Russian warship Moskva hit by 2 anti-ship missiles ? [Hal Turner News] …

(9) {video} proof, NATO shipping Mig-29s into Ukraine dis-assembled, by trucks, under cover of camo tarps ? [Hal Turner News] …

(10) China makes secret air delivery of missile systems to Serbia (Russia Ally) in the fragile Baltic States of Europe [Strange Sounds Organization] ….

(11) US Military thwarts major attack on US soil, with Biden Administration silent & US mainstream media complete story blackout ? [Florida Maquis News] ….

(12) Is China moving troops, tanks, armor into Europe by railway & air traffic, reports indicate so ? [Israeli News Live] ….

(13) Russian missiles hit Kyiv Ukraine missile factory (outside Kyiv) in Russian attack with Kalibr long-range missiles [Yahoo News] ….

(14) Doomed Russian warship Moskva destroyed/sunk after Ukraine anti-ship missile strike, reported 510 crewmen dead ? [Daily Mail UK News] …..

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