Larry Taylor Intel Flash ~ April 14, 2022


Raw Intel (worldwide) for April 14, 2022

(1) Steve Bannon warning “Do not put all your time & energy into Musk VS Twitter & those issues – it’s still just Elites VS Elites in power struggle, such as the Game of Thrones ?” [War Room News] ….

(2) LEFT meltdown over Musk move for Twitter, compare to Nazi Germany, free speech or financial stunt ? [Breitbart News] ….

(3) Russian Flagship “MOSKVA” explodes in the Black Sea {video} as Ukraine reports they hit it with 2 Neptune anti-ship missiles ? [Hal Turner Alert] …

(4) Pentagon confirms Russian warship Moskva badly damaged from explosion, but still afloat [Texas News Studio Alert] ….

(5) Russia confirms serious fire damage to Russian Guided Missile Cruiser Moskva, after possible Ukraine missile strike ? [Breitbart News] ….

(6) Flash Traffic: Russia will consider US/NATO vehicles bringing weapons to Ukraine as legitimate targets [Hal Turner News] ….

(7) Numerous reports that China is busy moving troops into European theater, Russian/Europe border ? [Israeli News Live] ….

(8) US/NATO non-essential embassy & consulate staff leaving China quickly & quietly, this week ? [Steve Quayle Red Alert] ….

(9) Reports, 200 trains with military cargo & shipments racing to Serbia {alert} a jump off point to Europe ? [Steve Quayle Red Alert] …..

(10) Russia makes nuclear threat to Sweden & Finland, over coming NATO consideration, as Russia will use nuclear weapons [Koenig International News] ..

(11) ALERT: Nationwide attack is coming, cyber attack, warning per Cyber Security & Infrastructure Security Agency {warning} Holly Deyo emphasis that hopefully everyone has 1 month cash & supplies ready ? [Deyo News Alert] ….

(12) Are you ready for what is coming {sitrep} (April 13, 2022) {video} Supply issues critical, US Intel balloons over northern US, US West coast, US East coast & US Intel plane up over Texas Oklahoma & Louisiana ? NOTE: This US Intel focus is inward, towards US population {a-hint} [Monkey Werx] ……

(13) US White House slams RED STATES, mostly Texas over it’s new southern border blockage & Oklahoma new anti-abortion law ? [Breitbart News] …

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