Larry Taylor Intel Flash ~ March 31, 2022


Raw Intel (worldwide) for March 31, 2022

(1) Chaos & disarray in Washington D.C. after Biden says Putin can not remain in power in Russia ? [Debkafile Israel] …

(2) Report (unconfirmed) Poland to send Polish troops into Ukraine, defying Russia Bear in Ukraine ? [Israeli News Live] ….

(3) Russia says it will begin to reduce Russian troop numbers & military actions in certain parts of Ukraine [War Room Ticker] ….

(4) American Intel Agencies working overtime in attempt to decode Russian military war signals activity [War Room Ticker] ….

(5) Biden DOJ kills Trump-era program to catch Chinese spies working inside America [Zero hedge News] ….

(6) Arizona Candidate calls for acts against invasion of America by illegals, following Biden dictates, huge upsurge with Biden help [War Room] ….

(7) US Military equipment arrives at Poland Military Base near the Ukraine border [The Sun News] ….

(8) Russian jet fighters armed with nuclear warheads “live” enter Sweden airspace in incident [Hal Turner News] …

(9) Senior Russian Leaders, along with Putin, reported in nuclear bunkers in the Ural Mountains ? [Texas News Studio] ….

(10) World War 3 WATCH, as Biden calls for regime change in Russia, calling for Putin to be removed from power [Breitbart News] …

(11) 1500 Ukraine (Jews) refugee families flown to Israel for safe haven, as war continues in Ukraine [Israel 365 News] …

(12) US Marines deploy to eastern Europe for first time in response to Ukraine war, even as Russia appears to pull back {breaking} [Yahoo News] …

(13) Putin signs decree, orders new callup of 134,500 Russian Army conscripts to duty for defense [Yahoo News] ….

(14) Putin loyalist threatens nuclear strike on Europe, if NATO deploys forces to Russian border or Ukraine [Texas News Studio] ….

(15) 2 Russian fighter jets violate Sweden airspace, armed with (live) nuclear warheads [Texas News Studio] …..

(16) Shock, Biden expands US nuclear doctrine to protect Ukraine, Biden reverses previous doctrine with NATO [Wall Street Journal] …

(17) Michelle Bachmann at Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast, claims “We live in a time of utter madness by our Leaders” & “We seem ruled by Lawless Monsters” claims that Biden is about to loose Iran’s madness on the world, just a warning of what’s coming ? [Koenig International News] …..

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