Larry Taylor Intel Flash ~ March 22, 2022


Raw Intel (worldwide) for March 22, 2022

(1) Biden’s personal continuous jabs at Putin, push US – Russia relations to the brink ? [Yahoo News] ….

(2) Kremlin rejects proposed Zelensky – Putin meeting, citing ‘no significant progress’ in cease-fire talks [Zero Hedge News] ….

(3) Russian forces stalled 15 miles outside Kyiv, as shelling of the city continues by Russian forces, claims UK MOD [Deyo News] ….

(4) Russian forces steal Ukraine ships loaded with tons of grain (5 ships) towed into Sea of Azov by Russian tugs [Deyo News] …

(5) Russian Army plants mines around Kyiv, as Russian artillery masses around the Ukraine Capital & Moscow digs in for a long war ? [DEBKAfile Israel News] ..

(6) Putin expert analysis reveals “We’re on the trajectory to nuclear war, as Putin is daily climbing the escalation ladder” ? [Glenn Beck Report] ….

(7) Military analyst warns “When you push a BEAR into a corner, he becomes extremely dangerous & we’re getting there!” [American Family News] …

(8) Nuclear weapons being moved by NATO in secret convoys through Glasgow Scotland, to Royal Naval Port [Full Spectrum Survival] ….

(9) Ukraine-Russia conflict/war shows why US Energy needs to concentrate on development of our oil/gas resources & Biden refuses issue ? [Breitbart News] ..

(10) Romania begins to distribute 30 million+ anti-radiation pill packs, with rushed production of same in response to Russia-Ukraine WAR [Hal Turner] …

(11) Biden & US Homeland Security warning the American people & private business of {alert} coming Russian cyber-attacks on grid [Just The News] ..

(12) Final Warning from the Arab World to Joe Biden & his Iran Deal, as Biden plans upcoming trip to Europe/NATO [World Israel News] …

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