Larry Taylor Intel Flash ~ March 17, 2022


Raw Intel (worldwide) for March 17, 2022

(1) Ukraine War is veering fast towards a BIG POWER conflict, as Joe Biden continues to beat “WAR” Drum of conflict [Debkafile Israel News] …

(2) Russia warns United States “Russia has the might to put you in your place in this world” {breaking} [Koenig International News] ..

(3) 3 Sat planes up over Oklahoma, 1 over Florida, 1 over Canadian border & (6) six E-6 planes (most ever in America) ? [Monkey Werx US] ….

(4) Joe Biden sending stinger missiles, drones, machine guns, grenade launchers & 20M rounds of ammo to Ukraine [Breitbart News] …

(5) Russia’s Dmitry Medvedev warns US, Russia does have the power to put America into it’s place, as massive sanctions hit Russia ? [Hal Turner News] ..

(6) Numerous Russian Air Force planes on Thursday, shuttling people out of Moscow, to the Ural Mountains nuclear bunker refuges. Russia moving VIPs, people & more supplies to the nuclear bunkers in Ural Mountains. Ongoing movement at this time [Hal Turner News Covert Alert] …..

(7) Putin moves family members to the Siberian Underground Cities in the Ural Mountains, designed to survive a nuclear war ? [Texas News Studio] …..

(8) Kyiv Ukraine battered by Russian Army shelling, as European (EU) leaders arrive at Kyiv for talks with Zelensky [Texas News Studio] ….

(9) North Korea recently fired missile into sea & reportedly now preparing to fire a large ballistic missile launch soon ? [Texas News Studio] …

(10) Russian Defense Ministry says Kyiv has ordered scientists to destroy samples of Plague, Anthrax & other lethal pathogens (emergency destruction) at Ukraine US-funded Bio-Labs ? [Strange Sounds Org] ….

(11) Potassium Iodide tablets “sell out” in America, over nuclear war fears & treat (effects of radiation poisoning) selling on Ebay for $150/package ? [Q-Alerts] ..

(12) Israeli Leader Bennett no fast tracking Russia – Ukraine “talks” as new mediator between Russia & Ukraine ? [United With Israel News] ….

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