Larry Taylor Intel Flash ~ March 14, 2022


Raw Intel (worldwide) for March 14, 2022

(1) Breaking Alert, Israel under massive cyber-attack, large scale cyber attacks underway against Israel. Israeli Military sites down, all Government websites are down, attacks on Israeli civilian cyberspace — Largest ever cyber-attack against Israel underway {breaking} [Texas News Studio Alert] ……..

(2) US Air Defense troops deploying to Washington D.C. (IADS) Integrated Air Defense Systems & Defense of the Homeland Mission underway, deploying now [American Military News] …..

(3) Iran weeks away from making own nuclear weapons, IAEA disclosure – Iran can now construct 2 nuclear weapons in 4 weeks time, so Israel “Time Is Up!” [United With Israel News Alert] ….

(4) General Michael Flynn says Putin’s Ukraine invasion is completely disrupting Bill Gates New World Order Agenda ? [Yahoo News] …..

(5) Moscow may cross into NATO turf, to stop arms/fighters reaching Ukraine War, March 13th Russian air strike on Ukraine’s Yavariv Military Base almost struck inside Poland & Russia struck Ukraine base with volunteers from US, Ireland, Germany & UK {breaking} [DEBKAfile Israel News] ….

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