Larry Taylor Intel Flash ~ March 3, 2022


Raw Intel (worldwide) for March 3, 2022

(1) Kherson Ukraine, first major Ukraine city to fall to Russian forces, Mayor tells citizens to follow Russian troops instructions, don’t fight back [Yahoo News] …

(2) Ukraine President Zelensky warns “the end of the world has arrived!” critical of late assistance from US/NATO ? [Yahoo News] ….

(3) Monkey Werx SITREP – (March 3, 2022) High Flyers now at 80,000 & 90,000 feet facing north (E-3s) [Monkey Werx US] ….

(4) (subscribers only) {restricted} – Covert Intel: “Iodine distribution now began for Russian population ? [Hal Turner News] ….

(5) Putin plans martial law declaration, says he’s going to take it all in Ukraine ? Russia sends into Ukraine 90% of invasion force [Texas News Studio] ….

(6) New HOT WAR with the WEST, claims Russia, indicates the new hot war replaced COLD war previously ! [Texas News Studio] ….

(7) Ukraine cities of Mariupol & Odessa now under Russian siege, completely cut off from rest of Ukraine [Hal Turner News] ….

(8) Reported heavy Russian bombing attacks upon Nazis force, like AZOV Regiment, in southern Ukraine [Hal Turner News] ….

(10) Bulletin: Russian Foreign Intel Chief says this is no longer cold war with WEST, but now a HOT WAR ! [Hal Turner News] ….

(11) US Nuclear Command & Control E-6 aircraft increase in flights over USA, since Russian invasion of Ukraine. E-6 fleet in Oklahoma [Hal Turner News] ….

(12) Ukraine refugee count since Ukraine invasion is up to 1 million+ as Russian invasion rolls on ? [Breitbart News] ….

(13) Thursday (March 3, 2022) Several cities in Taiwan experiencing blackouts across the Island of Taiwan, reports Taiwan Power Company [Texas News Studio]

(14) Blackouts reported across Taiwan, mysterious outages in multiple cities, investigations underway ? [Koenig International News] …

(15) The Nuclear Threat looms “large” in the Ukraine Invasion & rhetoric with US/NATO (Europe) [Debkafile Israel] ….

(16) Russian forces intensify attacks on Ukraine #2 City of Kharkiv & close in on Capital Kyiv [Koenig International News] ….

(17) Romanian Mig-29 fighter jet missing & Romanian Helicopter down near coastline of Romania (Black Sea) ? [Hal Turner News] …..

(18) AMAZON reporting all IOSAT Iodine tablets are unavailable, as well as other suppliers ? [Amazon Marketplace] …….

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