Larry Taylor Intel Flash ~ February 20, 2022


Raw Intel (worldwide) for February 20, 2022

(1) Are you ready for the big new WAR ? – Well, you damn well better be, seems it’s coming (Feb. 20, 2022) [Zero Hedge News] …..

(2) Here come $7 gas prices, warns the Oil Strategists (Feb. 20, 2022) {break} [Yahoo Finance News] ….

(3) Biden declares “National Emergency” ahead of Freedom Convoy, reported headed towards Washington DC, move echos Canada ? [Q-Alert News] ..

(4) Reports, order for ‘full scale attack’ on Ukraine by Russia intercepted by US Intel Agencies & Saturday meeting between Ukraine & Russia failed, as Russians choose not to attend ? [Hal Turner News]

(5) Israel warns all Israeli peoples to leave Ukraine immediately, as the situation escalates, threatening a fast & serious conflict [World Israel News] ….

(6) Covert {video} Donetsk, reveals column of light Russian tanks & armor moving in darkness into capital city of Donetsk [Hal Turner {restricted} News] ..

(7) Washington DC National Guard members told to be ready ahead of potential US Trucker Convoy [Breitbart Exclusive Report] …..

(8) Bulletin Report, Moscow publishes (MAP) of it’s bomb shelters available for Russian citizens [Hal Turner Bulletin] …

(9) The Great Canada Fascist North, as the Trudeau Troopers sweep Ottawa, with many more arrests ? [Breitbart News Breaking] ….

(10) 5pm Update: Reports of automatic gunfire in the center of Donetsk, DPR/LPR Militia channels report shelling west of Donetsk, Heavy artillery sounding in Abakynova area, now the entire Donbass line live fire & possible report of Ukraine Army advancements {update} [Hal Turner Covert Intel] ….

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