Larry Taylor Intel Flash ~ February 17, 2022


Raw Intel (worldwide) for February 17, 2022

(1) Ukraine explodes into battle [Hal Turner News] both sides engaging in attack in Donetsk by Ukraine Army ….

(2) Donbass (Donetsk) frontline is in full warfare [Hal Turner News] now confirmed, both sides fully engaged in battle …..

(3) Emergency statement [Hal Turner News] by spokesman of the Donetsk People’s Militia reports Ukraine Army attack upon Donetsk, under attack now, calls for Russian troops ? …..

(4) Ukraine Army [Hal Turner News] now bombing suburbs of Gorlovka in Donetsk now ……

(5) Dash Cam {video} [Hal Turner News] sent to Hal Turner appears to show 2 tactical nuclear explosions in Ukraine (unable to confirm as accurate, per Hal) …

(6) Russian Media reporting [Hal Turner News] (TASS NEWS RUSSIA) Ukrainian Army attack upon Donetsk ? …..

(7) UK says [Texas News Studio] attack by Ukraine Army in east, False Flag to provoke Russian Military response ? ……

(8) Russia expels #2 top US diplomat from country, as Russian Foreign Ministry website goes off-line ? …..

(9) US/UN Ambassador reporting evidence on the ground that Russia is moving towards an imminent invasion [Texas Studio News] of the Ukraine or more ? ….

(10) Russia demands [Texas News Studio] all US troops & weapons be withdrawn from central & eastern Europe immediately …….

(11) Russian Military exercises [Texas News Studio] go to peak phase, as Globalists beat their war drums ? …….

(12) Biden refuses to call [Texas News Studio] Putin in any attempt to stop war in the Ukraine ? ….

(13) Major Canadian Banks are down, all off-line [Texas News Studio] no access available, reason unknown ? …..

(14) Israelis [Texas News Studio] bomb near Damascus, reported Iranian target ?

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