Larry Taylor Intel Flash ~ February 15, 2022


Raw Intel (worldwide) for February 15, 2022

(1) Canada now a dictatorship [Breitbart News] as Justin (Castro) Trudeau grabs power never seen before in Canada, crushes Truckers Movement ! …

(2) Canadian Government BLOCKS [Hal Turner News] all Social Media postings, no information allowed outside of Canada on Social Media ? …

(3) Trudeau invoked [Breitbart News] “Emergency Act” only after Joe Biden Administration urged Canada to use it’s Federal Powers ? …

(4) Justin Trudeau invokes “Emergency Act” [Daily Caller News] in Canada, after Parliament passes bill to allow Trudeau to go to “Martial Law” style of powers ? ..

(5) Millions of Americans [War Room – America’s Voice News] now concerned with possible further shift in power by Biden Administration toward new powers taken by Canada to curb ‘outcry’ against mandates by LEFT ? ….

(6) NATO warns Moscow [Yahoo News] against recognizing Ukraine breakaway regions in Eastern Ukraine territory, near Russian border ? ….

(7) US Government Sources clamor [American Military News] Russia poised to possibly invade Ukraine on Wednesday, February 16, 2022 & signs are that it may happen, as Washington DC warns the world ….

(8) Ukraine Army reports [American Military News] Russian troops left their assembly areas Monday near Ukraine border & set up attack positions, with long-range artillery & rocket launchers, moved into likely firing positions ….

(9) 30 Russian Warships [American Military News] now conducting live-fire drills in the Black Sea, covering the entire southern coast of Ukraine ….

(10) Kiev Ukraine Government [Debkafile Israel] draws up plan for 3 million Ukrainian evacuees into the country-side & Putin does not appear deterred by Biden threats ….

(11) Russia announces it’s military exercise concluded, as Russian troops now returning to Western & Southern Military Districts ? …

(12) Lower chamber of Russian Parliament voted 351 to 16 resolution urging Russian President Putin to immediately recognize Donetsk & Luhansk as sovereign independent states, as Russia moves away from Minsk agreement ? ..

(13) John Durham bombshell [Breitbart News] Clinton operatives spied on Donald Trump in the White House. Clinton operatives “infiltrated” servers to build the RUSSIA Hoax. POTUS 45 Trump warns “was much worse than WaterGate, but just absolutely nothing is done about this TRUTH ? …..

(14) US CIA [Debkafile Israel] reportedly intercepted Russian message to Generals “invade Ukraine begins Wednesday, 16th” ? ….

(15) The plot to take down Trump [GETTR – Jack Posobiec] was ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ in the White House, plus everyone (everyone) was in on it, every faction, even the people Trump trusted worked against him (betrayal) ……

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