Larry Taylor Intel Flash ~ February 12, 2022

Larry W. Taylor

Raw Intel (worldwide) for February 12, 2022

(1) Lake Erie mysterious shaking [Strange Sounds Org) as Lake’s deep water temperatures rising ? In first weeks of 2022, shallow earthquakes in Lake Erie waters (1.3 to 3.0) {breaking} …

(2) Only days from WAR [Q-Alert News] reports that Russian forces will invade Ukraine on Wednesday (February 16, 2022) possible report of intelligence ? ….

(3) Russian reports [Texas News Studio] that destroyer near Kuril Islands chased a US submarine from Russian waters {breaking} ….

(4) US Intel [Texas News Studio] indicates Russia could now invade Ukraine on short notice ? {breaking} ….

(5) 4 US East Coast Destroyers [Texas News Studio] pulled from east coast & deployed to Europe, join NATO naval forces there {breaking} …..

(6) Cyber intrusions possible [Texas News Studio] all “security shields up” condition, with threat of cyber intrusions in coming days {breaking} ….

(7) UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson [Texas News Studio] warns next few days are very dangerous ? {breaking} …..

(8) Timothy Dixon (prophetic) {Feb. 11, 2022} release: “This means WAR! Pray like you’ve never prayed before. Heaven is on Alert! Pray to prepare for the days ahead” …..

(9) Florida Maquis (commentary-warning) {February 12, 2022} “Vicious cocktail brewing in the US Heartland, nobody will see it coming, until it’s way too late ? ..

(10) Internet reports (unconfirmed) that wreckers sent from Michigan, to assist Canada in removing Canadian Truck Protest vehicles from bridges ? …..

(11) Ben Bergquam [America’s Voice News] The US southern border under Biden is completely out of control & is an invasion, happening now {breaking} …..

(12) Steve Bannon [War Room News] The states must themselves, stop this southern border insanity by the Biden Administration ? {breaking} …..

Larry Taylor Intel Flash (February 12, 2022) {} {sign-up) ……


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