Larry Taylor Intel Flash ~ February 10, 2022

Larry W. Taylor

Raw Intel (worldwide) for February 10, 2022

(1) Russia issues terms [Hal Turner News] for Ukraine, from Russian Foreign Minister spokeswoman Maria Zakharrova to Western Powers, NATO …

(2) Ukraine Government [Hal Turner News] cuts it’s own throat, now refuses direct talks with Donbass ? …

(3) Russian Army Engineering Command [Hal Turner News] with tank recovery trucks, moved to within 15 km from Ukraine ….

(4) Canadians warned to leave [Hal Turner News] Ukraine while they still can, before trouble starts ? …

(5) 40 of 49 Starlink Satellites [Space Weather News] brought down from recent geomagnetic storm ….

(6) Russia has deployed [Texas News Studio] 100-B tactical groups on the Ukraine border ….

(7) US B-52 bombers [Texas News Studio] arrive in England for planned missions/exercise ? ….

(8) UK PM Johnson [Texas News Studio] warns England will not tolerate Russian bullying ….

(9) UK PM Johnson [Texas News Studio] warns “next few days” are critical & the most dangerous ? ….

(10) Russian military exercises [Texas News Studio] become active around the Ukraine & in Belarus by combined forces …..

(11) Global Elite Plan [Texas News Studio] mandate for world, US must be brought to collapse by 2030 for a world technocracy ? ….

(12) New Monkey Werx US Intel — The Red Horse is Riding (February 9, 2022) …..

(13) Mainstream Media [Texas News Studio] prepares the public for an incoming AIDS outbreak, with Covid-19 vaccine link ? {breaking-report} ……………..

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