Larry Taylor Intel Flash ~ February 6, 2022

Larry W. Taylor

Raw Intel (worldwide) for February 6, 2022

(1) Bloomberg Business News [Hal Turner Special Report] by accident, reports on Bloomberg Homepage News “Russia Invades Ukraine – LIVE” ………

(2) China & Russia [Koenig International News] call on US to completely abandon Asia-Pacific & European missile plans ?

(3) US & NATO [Hal Turner News] deployed 6 intelligence, surveillance & recon aircraft (map) over Ukraine …

(4) ALERT [Florida Maquis] Large Russian naval force positions in the Mediterranean ?

(5) An armada [DEBKAfile Israel Breaking] of Russian warships mass in Mediterranean naval exercise off Tartus Syrian coast, with drills of landing Russian troops from landing ships ….

(6) Subscribers only post [Hal Turner News] Development near Ukraine with Russian military movements & close to Europe ?

(7) Military strategists [Hal Turner News] have relayed to Congress that Kiev will fall within about 8 hours of Russian attacks & all of Ukraine taken by Russian forces within only 72 hours of attack ?

(8) A beginning [DEBKAfile Israel Breaking] US force of 2600 US troops & Command lands in Poland to support NATO forces, against Russia ….

(9) Russian new military spacecraft [DEBKAfile Israel Breaking] launched into orbit from Plesetsk Seaport, Archangel location Saturday ?

(10) US Commander General Milley [Koenig International News] says Ukraine’s Capital City Kiev, could fall within 72 hours, if Russia moves to invade ?

(11) UK Military [Q-Alert News] warns of risk of space nuclear attack on United Kingdom, as conflict with Russia begins ?

(12) High Alert [Florida Maquis Patreon] Enormous energy blasts seen by satellites, as US Military secret preparation in progress ?

(13) US paratroopers [Q-Alert News] landing in Poland, as deterrence to Putin, Russian forces massed in region ?

(14) Ukraine Foreign Minister [Koenig International News] requesting Israel assist Ukraine with cyber & defense issues. defending against Russian invasion ?

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