Larry Taylor Intel Flash ~ February 3, 2022

Larry W. Taylor

Raw Intel (worldwide) for February 3, 2022

(1) Facebook, Meta [Hal Turner News] set for $195 Billion wipe out, biggest failure in market history. Meta suddenly down 24% on US trades Thursday.

(2) Meta meltdown [Breitbart News] shares in an epic crash, record market wipe out, $200 Billion, as loses of daily users first time ever, GOING ?

(3) Americans [Paul Craig Roberts] are so full of ‘disinformation’ that their future is almost hopeless ?

(4) Much of Ukraine [Paul Craig Roberts] hoping to return to Russia as a territory, under Russian rule, divorced from Kiev ?

(5) Pre-invasion moves [Q-Alert News] with Russia-Belarus war games, just 2 hours north of Kiev Ukraine. War games with heavy armor & helicopters!

(6) Ukraine Foreign Minister [Koenig International News] says is asking Israel for help with cyber-attacks & Ukraine air defense ?

(7) European Oil Port Terminals [Stan Deyo] hit by massive cyber-attack to disrupt EU fuel & oil supplies ?

(8) Ukraine’s Jewish Community [Koenig International News] in danger, as Russian troops mass at border, with possible invasion scenario in play ?

(9) NATO fears Ukraine-Russia [Stan Deyo] war could displace over 2 million people into Europe ?

(10) Russia massing [Stan Deyo] nuclear capable missiles, 30,000 troops & fighter jets inside Belarus!

(11) Israeli military drills [DEBKAfile] “massive air strike” on Iranian nuclear sites, as reports indicate Iran just weeks from bomb ?

(12) World War 3 Coming Soon ? [Monkey Werx US] Much unidentified air traffic over USA, plus intelligence flights over Ukraine/Belarus ?

(13) Biden Administration & NATO [Hal Turner News] keeps dialogue of terms Russia can not accept in diplomatic messages – on purpose ????

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