Larry Taylor Intel Flash ~ February 1, 2022

Larry W. Taylor

Raw Intel (worldwide) for February 1, 2022

(1) New Arctic blast puts Texas power grid at risk. Arctic winter storm moves at Oklahoma & Texas [Zero Hedge News] with temperatures well below normal for next half of February ?

(2) 2,000 mile-long NEW MONSTER winter storm LANDON [Strange Sounds] will affect 90 million Americans from Texas to Maine, with rain, ice & snow.

(3) 4.9 magnitude earthquake reported in Oklahoma [Oklahoma Newsbreak] on (January 31, 2022) with 14 total earthquakes in Oklahoma that day.

(4) Exclusive, US Border Standoff, as DeSantis demands [Breitbart News] from Biden, reinstatement of Trump border policies to lift blockage on facilities accepting Biden border migrants.

(5) Russian military units in Syria [Hal Turner] actively electronic jamming satellite GPS inside Israeli airspace, refuses to stop jamming event, after Israel complained to Russia.

(6) Bulletin, Ukraine President warns [Hal Turner] “full-fledged WAR” coming to Europe. Zelensky hosting Boris Johnson in Kiev, warned publicly that this is going to be a European WAR ?

(7) US Journalists ordered to evacuate Ukraine, as US & UK evacuate embassy staff & families [Hal Turner] US families also ordered out of Belarus & told to evacuate now.

(8) Reporter Ben Harnwell [War Room/Real America’s Voice News] joins Steve Bannon with warning “an intensifying drumbeat of WAR from Media, as conditions now critical for possible European slide toward WAR ?

(9) Warnings issued to all foreign nationals [Hal Turner] ICSI Intel Report, leave Ukraine by February 5, 2022.

(10) General Jack Keane (Fox News) on air predicts that Russia will invade the Ukraine, possibly in late February, but invested in too much invasion prep not to go through with the coming attack ?

(11) Monkey Werx Intelligence gives warning to Florida, says too many military age illegal males in that state, gives concern on situation ?

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