Larry Taylor Intel Flash ~ January 31, 2022

Larry W. Taylor

Raw Intel (worldwide) for January 31, 2022

(1) Earth-directed CME & Solar Flare (Jan. 30, 2022) from Sunspot AR 2936 moving in Earth direction, expected [NOAA & Space Weather News] on February 1-2 (expect projected strike on February 2) {alert} …………

(2) Major winter storm system [Accuweather News] to strike south-central USA, threatens widespread ice/snow conditions. Warning for February 2, south-central USA with storms, floods & winter conditions (mixed bag) ice/snow as a Groundhog’s Storm {alert} ………….

(3) Russian & US ambassadors [America’s Voice News] have fiery exchange of words at UN Security Council emergency meeting on Ukraine (Jan. 31, 2022) …

(4) North Korea fires ballistic missile [America’s Voice News] & issues threat, could target US Forces/Guam with same missile, threat at USA ………

(5) World fertilizer shortages & more shortages with coffee & other food products [America’s Voice News] in the continuing downward trend of world supplies ? ………

(6) U.S. Forces moving shiploads of heavy armor [Hal Turner Alerts] out of San Diego port, as U.S. moves toward a multiple front war ? {alert} ……..

(7) U.S. Natural Gas Ships [Hal Turner Alerts] moving towards Europe, as war looms closer with Russia & these shipments can be stopped by war activity ? ..

(8) Russian legal maneuver [Hal Turner Alerts] as Ukraine breakaway states Luhansk & Donetsk, now scheduled on February 14 “independence” vote before the Russian Duma & the 2 Oblast could then request Russian troops legally ? ..

(9) UK, PM Johnson considers a major NATO deployment [Koenig News] amid Ukraine crisis, to strengthen NATO borders, against Russia {alert} …..

(10) China Belt & Road Movement [Breitbart News] & how Hunter Biden assisted the Chinese hegemony scheme to overtake the USA. President Joe Biden’s son deeply involved in such scheme ? {breaking} ……..

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