Larry Taylor Intel Flash ~ January 30, 2022 – #2

Larry W. Taylor

Raw Intel (worldwide) for January 30, 2022

(1) Big Sunspot Alert, New sunspot AR 2936 growing in size & firing off multiple CMEs (January 30, 2022) [Space Weather Alert] as sunspot turns toward Earth.

(2) Earth-directed solar flare & CME (January 30, 2022) erupted from sunspot AR 2936 [Space Weather Alert] arrives at Earth on February 1-2 {breaking} …..

(3) As S-400 Air Defense Systems arrive on the streets of Moscow (Jan. 30, 2022) [Hal Turner Intel Alert] Russia sends final message to OSCE, “Do you intend to fulfill the key security obligations agreed with Russia?”

(4) Alert [Texas News Studio] (Dallas Texas) UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson orders British Armed Forces to prepare for deployment across Europe, support NATO forces. UK major deployment of troops to Europe. Massive trucks convoys inside Canada, against Canadian Leadership, Tyranny. Russia says NATO & Western Media hype extreme insanity into the populations. North Korea launches unidentified missile at East Sea, Japan region.

(5) Glynda Lomax (spiritual-prophetic) [January 30, 2022] This storm will come upon you quickly, the storm will hit upon the good & the evil alike. This world quickly spirals towards the END.

(6) Russia protects Iranian arms shipment by air [DEBKAfile] (January 30, 2022) that are landing at Russian Syrian Air Base, after Israeli attack on Syrian Latakia Port on Mediterranean.

(7) War Room with Steve Bannon (January 29, 2022) [War Room America’s Voice News] Mainstream Media is clamoring for Big Tech Groups to de-platform Steve Bannon & the War Room News.

Larry Taylor Intel Flash (January 30, 2022) #2 {sign up} ……

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