• Larry Taylor Intel Flash Alert ~ September 22, 2022


    Raw Intel (worldwide) for September 22, 2022

    (1) Kremlin warns WEST, nuclear weapons can be used on threats to Russia, even if needed in defense of annexed Ukraine regions. Kremlin warns there is no going back now. Annexed regions fall under protection of the Russian Nuclear Doctrine [Zero Hedge News] …..

    (2) Joe Biden rebukes Russia at the United Nations, says Russian outrageous escalation in Ukraine & US not asking for new cold war [Zero Hedge News] …

    (3) Former Putin Political Advisor screams & warns the WEST that Putin is ready to nuke the UK ? [Texas News Studio Alert] ….

    (4) Putin orders partial Russian military mobilization, vows to match any nuclear attack against Russia, saying not a bluff to WEST [War Room News Ticker] …

    (5) North Korea denies it’s exporting of military materials & equipment to Russia [War Room News Ticker] ….

    (6) Speaker Volodin of the Russian Duma, publicly states “If the WEST doesn’t stop sending weapons & supplying mercenaries to Ukraine, they will soon have a much worse problem ? [Hal Turner News] ….

    (7) Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov warns “the United States risks becoming a combatant in the Ukraine war & then Russia may decide to fire missiles into Western Decision Centers” ? [Hal Turner News] ….

    (8) Russia “ups the ante” with thousands of Russian tanks & armor coming out of storage {video} more trainloads of Russian tanks, armor moving toward Ukraine, as 300,000 Russian military reserves called up [Hal Turner News Alert] ….

    (9) Leader Macron of France, warning of immediate ‘crisis’ of Democracies, even & including the USA ? [Drudge Report News] ….

    (10) Joe Biden threatens WAR with China by US, if China invades Taiwan. Intel reports incoming of commitment by China of 400,000 troops to assist Russia & 100,000 North Korean troop ‘volunteers’ to assist Russia in the Ukraine regional war ? [Q-Alert News/InfoWars News] ….

    (11) Joe Biden uses United Nations to call for a Palestinian State in the Middle East, a 2-State Solution demanded now [Breitbart News] ….

    (12) Putin suddenly calls up 300,000 Russian military reserves, a conscription service to assist in Ukraine War ? [Hal Turner News Alert] ….

    (13) Meetings inside the Kremlin, Lavrov warns “The time is coming hard, the WAR with NATO will be a protracted WAR ? [Hal Turner News] ….

    (14) Special Alert {video} INL – China & Russia in meeting “vow” cooperation to take down Ukraine & Taiwan ? [Israeli News Live Alert] …..

    (15) Russia stages massive naval games near US Alaska Coastal Waters, with 30 Russian warships, 2 nuclear submarines, warning to WEST [Texas Studio News] ..

    (16) Russia could be pushed to “Nuclear Escalation” by any over-reactions from the US/NATO, experts warn [Texas News Studio] …..

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  • Larry Taylor Intel Flash Alert ~ September 18, 2022


    Raw Intel (worldwide) for September 18, 2022

    (1) Alert Bulletin – Chinese military convoy enters Ukraine, from Russia. September 18, 2022 Intelligence Reports indicate Chinese Army units entering Ukraine from Russia (video) [photos] Hal Turner “This changes the entire dynamic of the Russia – Ukraine situation, as China now becomes an active participant of the WAR on the side of Russia” [Hal Turner News Alert] …..

    (2) First snowfall reaches Ukraine, Europe headed into a cold, dark (deadly) winter, as in Southwest Ukraine snow falling in the Carpathian Mountains & winter coming to Europe soon ? [Hal Turner News] ….

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  • Larry Taylor Intel Flash Alert ~ September 13, 2022


    Raw Intel (worldwide) for September 13, 2022

    (1) Whistleblower warns Twitter employed a Chinese SPY, endangering all private user data. Peiter Zatko says member of Chinese Intelligence Security Service worked for Twitter Company [Breitbart News] ….

    (2) Russia suffers major defeat in the Ukraine, as Ukraine Army forces push Russians back to border with Russia ? [Israeli News Live] …..

    (3) Russian long-range bombers hit Ukraine electric & power stations in numerous locations with Russian X-22 missiles [Yahoo News] ….

    (4) Israeli Defense Firm selling anti-drone defense systems to Ukraine, for defense against Russian drones [Times of Israel News] ….

    (5) Kyiv reporting Russian troops fleeing en mass, surrendering, as Ukraine forces press forth on counter-attack blitz [Times of Israel News] …

    (6) Ukraine military claims it shot down an Iranian drone, used by the Russian Army in conflict [World Israel News] ….

    (7) Russia announces troop pullback from Ukraine Kharkiv region, during Ukraine Army counter-offensive making significant advances [Yahoo News] ….

    (8) Ukraine launched a counter-offensive against Russian forces earlier this week, with many deaths in thousands on battlefields [Hal Turner News] …

    (9) German Legislator let slip in German on the floor of the Bundestag (translation is) “Dear Colleagues, this 24th of September, 2022 will be a day we will say ‘I remember exactly where I was’ …” [end translation] [Hal Turner] ….

    (10) US Communications Satellite “Galaxy 11” suddenly breaking up in orbit, threatening other satellites in it’s area of space ? [Hal Turner News] ….

    (11) Intel Circuits are active suddenly & widespread (rumors) that Russia is considering a full scale mobilization of forces (unconfirmed) [Hal Turner] ..

    (12) Denver Colorado Emergency Management is in distribution mode of “Bug-Out” bags for it’s citizens ? [Hal Turner News] ….

    (13) Russia declares that Germany has now crossed the “Rubicon” crossing Russian RED LINE, as Russian Ambassador to Berlin delivers message from Putin, on Germany lethal weapons sent to Ukraine [Hal Turner News] ….

    (14) Freeze for the Global Agenda this winter, as the United Nations demands that Europe not go back to Fossil Fuels for heat,electricity; demands Europe freeze for the good of the Earth ? [Breitbart News] ….

    (15) Blunt warnings from the Russian Foreign Minister & Federation Council (Dmitry Medvedev) clearly warning that Nuclear War is coming [Hal Turner] ..

    (16) Armenian Social Media users report fighting has suddenly begun, all along the Armenian-Azerbaijani border region. Multiple Armenian artillery & S-300 missile defense systems, as well as Azerbaijani aircraft & UAVs destroyed in the extremely heavy fighting {alert} [Q-Alert News] ….

    (17) Azerbaijan begins artillery attacks upon Armenia, using artillery, mortar & rockets fire into Armenia. This is not a land dispute, Azerbaijan has just attacked Armenia proper. Armenia reports it will call on Russia for assistance & defense. Thus again CSTO vs NATO (Russia vs NATO) with hostilities that may mushroom between Azerbaijan & Armenia ? [Hal Turner Covert Intel Alert] ….

    (18) Goodbye to a tireless advocate for American National Security, Dr. Peter Pry, who attempted to get America to secure it’s power grid systems for an EMP, but to no avail. Dr. Pry has passed away [Deyo News Report] ……

    (19) Israel is now out of options for stopping Iran’s Nuclear Program race, to build it’s own nuclear weapons ? [Debkafile News] ….

    (20) Israeli Air Force has been using F-35 Stealth warplanes to penetrate the Iranian air space, according to Saudi Arabia special report [Koenig News] …..

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  • Larry Taylor Intel Flash Alert ~ September 4, 2022


    Raw Intel (worldwide) for September 4, 2022

    (1) Russia shuts off ALL natural gas supply to Europe indefinitely, cites some type mechanical problems with pipeline ? [America’s Voice News] ….

    (2) Biden “doubles down” trashes the MAGA Agenda as extremism that threatens the very foundations of our Republic ? [Breitbart News] ….

    (3) Federal Judge refuses, rejects Steve Bannon request for new trial on Contempt of Congress charge from the January 6th Committee Panel, Judge says does not warrant new trial [Yahoo News] ….

    (4) Ukraine military attack for second time against Russian forces guarding the (ZPP) Zaporozyhe Nuclear Power Plant [Hal Turner Covert Intel] …

    (5) Russia says Covid-19 is a US Bio-Weapon & Pentagon admits to 46 bio-labs inside Ukraine [Hal Turner Covert Intel] ….

    (6) COVERT INTEL {restricted} ~ Germany delivers ‘long-range’ missiles to Ukraine Army, range 500km {breaking} [Hal Turner Covert Intel] …..

    (7) Pope Francis declares mankind is now experiencing the opening outbreak of World War 3 [Q-Alert News] ….

    (8) President Biden & now the White House says Donald Trump & his supporters are America’s threat & the real threat to Democracy for a future America [Breitbart News] ….

    (9) Gary Heavin warns Russia will target US missile silos with hypersonic tactical nuclear weapons, low radiation yield, minimal fallout, will completely destroy US ability to retaliate ? [The Epoch Times] ….

    (10) China sends 14 fighter jets across the Taiwan Strait, after Taiwan shot down a Chinese military drone near Chinese Mainland [Q-Alert News] …

    (11) Ukraine’s President Zelensky admits he concealed US warnings of Russia going to advance into Donbas, so the Ukrainian people wouldn’t begin to flee the country [Ben Harnwell in Europe] [War Room] ….

    (12) Head of Ukraine Intelligence admits to COVERT deployment of the Ukraine Army & war against Donetsk & Luhansk regions & that only the Russian Operation Z stopped the bloodbath there ? [Hal Turner Covert Intel] ….

    (13) Gordon Chang (Expert on China) warns “It is time for countries to evacuate all diplomatic personnel from China & advise all foreign nationals to leave China immediately ? [Hal Turner Covert Intel] ….

    (14) Biden brings the “War on Terror” home to America, targets the American people & threatens to criminalize Trumpism ? [GETTR Dr. RW Malone] …..

    (15) Sudden & extensive web internet outages last 24 hours (thousands of servers) mysteriously hit (cyber) outages ? [Steve Quayle Alert] ….

    (16) COVERT INTEL {restricted} ~ September 4, 2022 possible US troop movements ? (unconfirmed) {restricted} [Hal Turner Covert Intel] …..

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  • Larry Taylor Intel Flash Alert ~ August 30, 2022


    Raw Intel (worldwide) for August 30, 2022

    (1) Ukraine Army breaks through the Russian first line of defense in the Kherson Oblast [Yahoo News] ….

    (2) More trainloads from Russia carrying more tanks & armor into Ukraine for the Russian Army [Hal Turner News] ….

    (3) Britain (UK) is now preparing to station it’s combat aircraft at Civilian Airports across UK, because of Ukraine War threats ? [Hal Turner News] …

    (4) Ukraine female (Ukraine National Guard) Natalya Vovka (alleged car bomber of Dugan near Moscow) found stabbed to death in hotel in Austria. Victim had 17 stab wounds – Ukraine (NATO) tying up loose ends ? [Hal Turner News] …

    (5) Reports of Ukraine Special Services attempting contact with Zaporozhzhye Nuclear Power Plant employees, False Flag Coming ? [Hal Turner News] ….

    (6) Heavy trainloads of more Russian tanks, armor arriving against Ukraine. Trainload after trainload, reported arriving [Hal Turner News] ….

    (7) Another American dead mercenary fighting for Ukraine, reportedly shot & killed by Ukraine Army as was attempting to retreat in combat. Body found in the Donetsk Region [Hal Turner News] ….

    (8) US/UK/NATO covert weapons smuggling routes & methods just uncovered by Russians. Covert cyber-hack into Ukraine main computer systems found information & complete data on US/UK/NATO delivery systems for Ukraine Army. So no civilian truck is safe in Ukraine ? [Hal Turner News] ….

    (9) Major air assault by Russian warplanes from Belarus across all Western Ukraine front. Numerous explosions in Ukraine [Hal Turner News] …

    (10) Europe’s winter of chaos, as Russia cuts gas supply to France, with French PM threatening energy rationing in coming days ? [Breitbart News] …

    (11) Russian tanks massing outside the Ukraine southern city of Kherson, see {video} on Turner website [Hal Turner News] …..

    (12) Heavily armed Russian Navy warships sail between Britain & Ireland, currently now in Irish Sea, close to British (NATO) submarine base, regional arsenal ? [Q-Alert News] …..

    (13) Pope Francis instructs ALL Vatican entities to move “all” funds to the Vatican Bank before September 30th “urgent” [Hal Turner News] …..

    (14) UNCONFIRMED ~ Reportedly after Hal Turner release of specific “intel” last night (August 29, 2022) his money & Bank accounts were seized ? [Hal Turner] ..

    (15) SUBSCRIBER’S ONLY ~ Without going into long report from Hal Turner on last night’s show data & dates (August 29, 2022) “BEWARE OF SEPTEMBER” & certainly be prepared ? [Hal Turner Special Alert] ……

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  • Larry Taylor Intel Flash Alert ~ August 27, 2022


    Raw Intel (worldwide) for August 27, 2022

    (1) Col. (Ret) John Mills warns China is sending a large ground force to train with Russian Army in Vostok Exercises, possible dry run for a much larger war to be coming [Real America’s Voice News] …..

    (2) US now pulling guns/ammo from US active duty military units, sending to the Ukraine, as even US Special Forces requested to turn in rifles & ammo for the coming shipments [Hal Turner Covert Intel] ….

    (3) Troop notification (unconfirmed) Fort Campbell Kentucky, call to Army Ranger Airborne, all hands on deck, movement as soon as possible, deploy to Kyiv Ukraine [Hal Turner Covert Intel] ….

    (4) NEWSFLASH – Russian President Putin motorcade enroute to Kremlin, midnight Moscow time. Russian Duma special late meeting, for reportedly unknown reasons [Hal Turner Covert Intel] ….

    (5) Putin orders Russian troop call-up in face of Ukraine situation losses, to increase by 137,000 new troops for war [Yahoo News] ….

    (6) America is ripe for a nuclear attack by terror group in a large city (USA) as Biden has created that possibility with leaving Afghanistan like he did & now America’s wide-open border, plus we no longer watch for terror operatives entering America (CIA (Ret) Sam Faddis) [War Room] …..

    (7) Belarus now has nuclear weapons in possession, as Ukraine’s Zelensky continues to threaten Belarus with military action [Israeli News Live] ….

    (8) Russian forces concentrates more than 760 aircraft on it’s border with Ukraine ? [Yahoo News] ….

    (9) President of Belarus. Alexander Lukashenko announces (August 26, 2022) that his warplanes are now modified to carry nuclear weapons delivered by Moscow to his country [Hal Turner Covert Intel] …..

    (10) Intelligence received by Russia of US troop movement coming toward Ukraine, UK & Poland troops moving to Lviv Ukraine & Belarus will block Poland & enter the war against Ukraine (ally of Russia) [Hal Turner Covert Intel] …..

    (11) Ukraine Army artillery units again (August 26, 2022) shelled the Zaporozhzhye (ZPP) Nuclear Power Plant under Russian control, reports indicate strikes near spent fuel storage ? [Hal Turner Covert Intel] …..

    (12) Behold Israel Intelligence – Iran is already nuclear state & ready to produce own bombs, as proxy states threaten Israel [Amir Tsarfati] …..

    (13) Iran sends word to proxy country (Lebanon) Hezballah forces to begin attack preps for strikes on Israeli Gas Fields ? [Debkafile Israel] …..

    (14) Nuclear drills in Ukraine underway, to prepare citizens for all nuclear scenarios, linked to Russia [Space War News] ….

    (15) Israel is now out of options for stopping Iran’s Nuclear Program & race to build it’s own bombs, as Biden refuses Israeli urgent calls [Debkafile Israel] …

    (16) Israeli Air Force stealth F-35 warplanes have been penetrating Iran’s air space, according to Saudi Arabia reports ? [Koenig International News] ….

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  • Larry Taylor Intel Flash Alert ~ August 21, 2022


    Raw Intel (worldwide) for August 21, 2022

    (1) FLASH POINT ALERT ~ Daughter of Russian Alexander Dugin, who is reported as “Putin’s Brain” advisor to Putin, killed in car assassination explosion near Moscow. Reported assassination attempt of Alexander Dugin was to have killed close Putin Advisor, but instead killed his daughter who drove the car. Russia says the WEST should be prepared for a harsh response to this assassination attempt near Moscow {breaking} [Texas News Studio Bulletin] …..

    (2) BREAKING NEWS ~ Darya Dugin, daughter of Putin’s advisor & ally, Alexander Dugin, killed in explosion of vehicle near Moscow, as both decided to travel separate directions at the last minute {breaking} [Koenig International News] ..

    (3) BREAKING ALERT ~ Daughter of Russian Political Theorist Alexander Dugin, killed in car bomb assassination attempt on the outskirts of Moscow. The death of Dugin’s daughter, in assassination attempt on Alexander Dugin (Putin ally) will likely raise tensions in the Russia-Ukraine war ? [Yahoo News Alert] ….

    (4) The End-Game is out in the open now, as WEST says any “radiation leak” from Ukraine Zaporozhzhia (ZPP) nuclear power plant, will trigger immediately NATO’s Article 5 & NATO military response ? “Hal Turner advisory: If you hear of a radiation leak at (NPP) in Ukraine, that’s your warning to bug out to safe location” immediately [Hal Turner Covert Intel] …..

    (5) BREAKING ~ Iran is already nuclear, the Proxies of Iran surround Israel & are beginning their activity ? [Behold Israel, Amir Tsarfati Intelligence] …..

    (6) EXCLUSIVE ~ Democrats Susan Rice & Ron Klain have taken the leadership of the White House, as Joe Biden disappears from public & White House, reportedly on extended vacation, as both Rice & Klain defend keeping Biden from his duties & public view ? [Breitbart News Exclusive Breaking] ……

    (7) Israeli Security Agency (Shin Bet) fears Russia & Iran are colluding to sway the upcoming results of the Israeli November 1 election, mainly through use of “anti-Netanyahu” targeted, algorithm-driven mind control methods on the Social Media Groups ? [World Israel News Breaking] …..

    (8) The US Foreign Policy has doomed (EU) Europe to hunger & cold this coming winter, by demanding EU to cut all ties with Russia & the Russian Gas & Energy Companies [Hal Turner News] …..

    (9) Putin to allow United Nations inspection of Ukraine’s (ZPP) Zaporozhzhia Nuclear Power Reactor Site ? [DEBKAfile Israel] ….

    (10) GETTR (WAR ROOM) ~ Foreign Correspondent Ben Harnwell says “Ukraine President Zelensky admits he concealed US warnings that Russia was going to invade from the Ukraine people, so the people of Ukraine would not flee the country for safety in other locations” ? [War Room Report] ……

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  • Larry Taylor Intel Flash Alert ~ August 18, 2022


    Raw Intel (worldwide) for August 18, 2022

    (1) Russian Defense Minister warns that the Kyiv Regime in Ukraine will use a provocative event (large-scale) in the coming days directed at the Ukraine War Zone (ZNPP) Nuclear Power Plant ? [Yahoo News] ….

    (2) URGENT ALERT ~ News Flash Alert – Russian Kerch Strait Bridge reportedly under Ukraine missile attack. Numerous reports intelligence say Russian Air Defense is engaging incoming Ukrainian missiles directed at the key Kerch Strait Bridge. This bridge is a construction marvel & connects Russia to Crimea, Russian supply route to Crimea (Developing Now) [Hal Turner Alert] ….

    (3) BREAKING ALERT ~ News Flash – 4 massive explosions rock the Russian City of Sevastopol in Crimea (Russian annexed region) [Texas News Studio] ….

    (4) Ukraine Armed Forces warn Russia has begun to concentrate a large number of transport & missile launch containers, with Anti-Air Defense Missile Units near the border between Russia & Ukraine ? [Yahoo News Alert] …..

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  • Larry Taylor Intel Flash Alert ~ August 16, 2022


    Raw Intel (worldwide) for August 16, 2022

    (1) NOAA & SPACE WEATHER ALERT ~ “Geomagnetic Storm Warning” NOAA forecasters say that Geomagnetic Storms are ‘probable’ on August 18, 2022 in response to multiple CMEs impacts [see above image screen] Storm levels could reach Catagory G3 (Strong) prepare accordingly.

    (2) NOAA & SPACE WEATHER ALERT ~ This event could become a “Cannibal Event” [see above image] with the Second CME over-taking the First CME & hit Earth’s Magnetic Field with a ‘twisted’ effect, then Third CME would hit afterward with the multiple CME impacts, Be Prepared – Stay Tuned …

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  • Larry Taylor Intel Flash Alert ~ August 11, 2022


    Raw Intel (worldwide) for August 11, 2022

    (1) Stan Deyo Interview: “A Nation In Peril, What Comes Next” (Aug. 9, 2022) All FBI today are Deep State Operatives. This Trump raid by FBI on Aug. 8, 2022 was kick-off to set in motion & forward momentum into Civil War in America. In the Hopi Prophecies “US will dissolve into a civil war & martial law. Russia, China & another Middle East Nation will attack & invade America. The term SOON by the Hopi is difficult to express, however, it now appears Civil War is upon us & Martial Law is coming quickly” It Has Started! [HagmannReport.com] …..

    (2) FBI raid on Trump took place just days after “historians” warned Joe Biden of another possible Civil War in America ? [Breitbart News] ….

    (3) US Attorney General Merrick Garland says he personally approved the Trump raid warrant. Deep State troubles, scramble to contain the fallout. Garland says he stands by dedicated, patriotic Public Servants, DOJ & FBI [Breitbart News Breaking Headlines] …..

    (4) FBI placed pen registers (spy) & listening devices into Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Estate Office & Home ? [Hal Turner Covert Intel Breaking] …..

    (5) Lou Dobbs Reports “We must now fight for our President, our country & the Rule of Law” [LouDobbs.com] ….

    (6) Covert Intel Report “Date of US Dollar Death Uncertain”, as Saudi Arabia just joined (BRICS) with Russia, Brazil, China, India & South Africa, forming it’s own trade bloc, against the WEST ? [Hal Turner News] …..

    (7) Putin has just given the order for Russia to deploy nuclear weapons in Ukraine, reports Kremlin [Texas News Studio] ….

    (8) Atomic Energy Chief (IAEA) warns of risk of nuclear disaster at Ukraine Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Energy Plant ? [American Military News] ….

    (9) Dramatic satellite images, as Ukraine attacks Russian warplanes at airports in Crimea & Belarus {breaking} [Q-Alert News] ….

    (10) Russia uses thermobaric bombs to obliterate buildings in Donbas fighting between Russian forces & Ukraine Army {breaking} [Koenig International News] ..

    (11) War Room “Erik Prince warns WATCH the next 30 days, Taiwan & China. Chinese will begin losing weather in region for war or invasion, but Xi has secretly said China would reorganize the World Order” ? {breaking} from Steve Bannon & War Room [America’s Voice News] ……

    (12) Barry Roffman Torah Code Matrix titled: “Nazi Raid on Trump” Code Matrix (August 10, 2022) Code Words found: (a) Trump Raided (b) Innocent (c) Wray (d) Nazi (e) UFO (f) President of the Earth (g) The wicked deserves to be beaten (h) Obama (end of code) {under construction} [Roffman Mars Research.com] …

    (13) China halts high-level communications with the US, suspends other cooperative agreements with US [Hal Turner Covert Intel Report] ….

    (14) North Korean Government offers Russia an “Ready Army” of 100,000 troops to assist in war in Ukraine ? [Yahoo News] …..

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